Google Calendar Events Not Showing In “My Calendar”

You may notice that it has been a while since you have seen anything from your google calendar on “My Calendar” in Google Apps. One possible reason is that many of you have started using the calendar and read confirmations through iCal or Microsoft Outlook – the culprit!

The Good News! You can fix this only at the account level. It takes a couple of minutes and will be done automatically with each update. It’s built into the setup, you don’t have to do any extra action. We suggest this as a good time to create a new account just to keep for your organization (use an email address that works for you) when you are finished, so it’s easy to undo any changes if

What is the Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is a free online calendar that lets you see what’s happening in the future, and plan your life around it. Just sign in to your Google account and add events. If you’re already signed in, clicking on the link to add an event will take you right there.

Depending on how you use Google Calendar, events might not show up in “My Calendar” automatically. Here’s how to fix the issue:

1. Open Google Calendar and select your calendar name at the top of the page.

2. In the left panel, under “Settings”, click on “Advanced settings”.

3. In the “Advanced settings” window, under “Data format”, make sure that “Events are always kept up-to-date” is checked.

4. Close Google Calendar and reopen it. Events should now show up in “My Calendar”. /edit – SO! I actually wrote this on another gamejam project but it didn’t get a single comment so here’s the explanation.[

Reasons why your events are not showing in

“My Calendar” on Google Calendar.

There are many reasons why an event may not show up in “My Calendar” on Google Calendar. Some common reasons include:

– If the event is blocked by your employer or school, it won’t appear in “My Calendar.”

– If the event time is incorrect, it won’t appear in “My Calendar.”

– If the event has been deleted, it won’t appear in “My Calendar.”

– If the event’s location is incorrect, it won’t appear in “My Calendar.”

-If you’ve disabledEvents from appearing on your calendar, they won’t show up in “My Calendar.”

Top Solutions and Strategies

If you’re trying to access your Google Calendar events but they’re not appearing in your “My Calendar” inbox, there are a few things you can try. One option is to clear the calendar data for your device and browser. This means deleting any events you no longer want to see, and should work regardless of whether or not you’ve synced the calendar with Google+. Another option is to verify that your events are showing up correctly in Google’s web search results. If you’ve pinned your events somewhere else, like on a home screen or in a folder on your computer, be sure to include those details when adding them to your calendar. Last, make sure that you’re following the correct calendar settings for your devices – checking the “show all events” box under “calendar display mode” on iOS devices, for example, will ensure that all events shown in “My Calendar” are also shown on your iPad.

Google Drive

Google Calendar Events Not Showing In “My Calendar”

Since the Google Calendar is such a popular tool for keeping track of events, it can be frustrating when events won’t show up in “My Calendar.” Some common problems with Google Calendar events include syncing problems, incorrect dates, and missing participants.

The following tips can help if your Google Calendar event isn’t showing up in “My Calendar.”

– Make sure the event is synced across all devices you use to access your Google Calendar.

– Check the event’s details to make sure they’re correct.

– Verify that all participants are registered for the event.

– If the event is exclusive to a certain group or type of people, verify that everyone in that group has registered.


Google Calendar events are not showing up in “My Calendar” on my iPhone 6S. I’ve tried to add them manually and through the iOS share sheet, but nothing seems to work. Is there a way to get Google Calendar events to show up in “My Calendar”? Hi Robyn, Do you have any browsers with touch enabled? Is your calendar synced to iCloud or GoogleCalendar? If yes — would you help us to verify if it’s showing up in here (

All the time! They aren’t syncing to google calendar on ios. Nothing is being pushed by google

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