Google Calendar Adding Key Statuses to Help Colleagues

Using the Google Calendar, co-workers can better organize themselves and stay on the same page accordingly. Google has introduced some new statuses such as “Busy Monday” and “Wedding” to help turn the calendar into a more efficient tool for the office. Let’s take a closer look at these newly implemented apps so that you can get your calendars up to date! Google Calendar has replaced Microsoft Outlook as the most popular integrative calendar for an office. This new change was rolled out under the hopes that Google users would be more willing to use the calendar app than its previous counterpart, Outlook. Of course, this worked and users have been subscribing to it ever since.

What does Google Calendar have to offer? Well, there are a lot of features in the app packed with this plug-in for the Chrome browser. At any given time, one

How to Update Google Calendar When Someone Dead

If you find out that your coworker is dead, you need to update their status on Google Calendar and set their meeting at a different time. Follow these steps: click on the small orange arrow in the upper right-hand corner (it looks like a cog with an up arrow) then click edit next to the plaque of your coworker’s name (to your left) then scroll down until you see “person” in the list. Click it and choose “Dead”. You should also be able to see the other person’s status, which will read “replaced”. If their status does not display this, you may call Google Support for assistance 608.442.8000 for Emergency updates or line 5991 for Business hours.

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What is the new Google Calendar Status 

Google is continually working to improve their software and the newest update should help everyone. This new Google Calendar Status “Unavailable for Duty” lets you send notification when your significant other, coach, or boss will not be at work. VoIP In the past 30 days, everyone uses the phone. This webinar on VoIP usage will help to consumers and end-users understand why some professions use it.

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What are other new Can’t Attend status options?

Google Calendar has introduced brand new options for marking colleagues as busy or not interested in scheduling plans. The new status options include Can’t Attend, Not Interested and Time Off Request. Each of these options should help team communicate better and show respect to those co-workers that already have a lot on their plate, rather than adding commitments constantly .

What other points regarding the new Can’t Attend options you want to share? Is there anything in particular you’d like us to add to this story? Let us know in the comments!

Important reminders before accessing a collaborator’s Standby for duty

Colleagues collaborate with their fellow colleagues over the internet and in person. Collaborations are often requested for day-to-day assignments that require back-and- forth communication, such as when someone requests revision changes. While we can all do our best to be on time, sometimes we find ourselves running late but it’s not so easy to drop a quick note to remind the coworker of something that might have happened on another date. Google Calendar General Scheduling allows partner companies or experts to create customized alert events directly from Calendar. In the General Scheduling application, you can:

Schedule editing tasks by clicking the alert event directly and edit in bulk.

Get up to date on your collaborations as well as respond directly from other users’ calendars. You’ll be able to view fellow collaborators in your calendar and their availability for time-sensitive projects—including their availabilities, agendas, tasks waiting for review and status of collaboration work-in-progress.

If you are in the workflow process but


Google Calendar often leads those who access it for job scheduling to feel overwhelmed and lose track of time. Google wants its employees to have added safety with multiple reminders, task list collaboration, and the ability to share calendar details. With these features, there is less urge to bluff and stay in that job. Many employers are searching for employees who are go-getters, not wallflowers. Employees will appreciate not feeling as if they’re working “double time” or against every company policy.

The first pilot was Vancouver, Canada and the second pilot launched in 100 other markets across the U.S., part of Google’s global 2017 Summer of Innovation: Wave A effort to identify innovative workplaces worldwide that led to earlier

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