Google Calendar: A Simple Mobile Extension That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Google has been a leader in revolutionizing our lives for decades now, and though it is hard to imagine anything innovative possible in the time of apps, let’s face it – content is king. With so much material available for consumption on your hands and mobile devices just about everywhere, we won’t stop getting information. To make sure you are always able to keep up with all things relevant in your life, great new features have emerged on our mobile devices. Google Calendar: A Simple Mobile Extension That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier will show you how this amazing app can change the way you do

What is Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is a mobile application that enables you to keep track of events, reminders, and activities with simple ease. Instead of scrambling to find your phone to put an item in your calendar, all you have to do is open Google Calendar on your smartphone and search for it. It is also able to be synced with other apps so if an event changes, it will automatically update in the new app as well. The app can be accessed through the web anytime as well.

How Google Calendar Works

Google Calendar allows people to share their schedule with others in a more engaging way. It doesn’t rely on heavy print calendars that are hard to organize, but rather is straightforward and easy to use on your computer and phone. The apps sync across devices, so it’s easy to share individual schedules and get reminders. All of these features will make connecting with friends and family much easier. – Chris

Benefits of Using Google Calendar

Google Chrome, one of the many web browsers made by Google, has an extension called Google Calendar. This extension allows users to sign up for a calendar and gets alerts automatically when calendars change due to your own actions or someone else’s. You can also find popular topics in these newsletters and make your life easier by planning ahead for things like meeting days before work or school starts. Not only does Google Calendar automagically send you an email, it also offers a tracking feature which allows you to know where your calendar has been throughout the day. This option is useful for meetings and businesses that keep track of meetings this way. Larger groups can be helpful when coordinating meetings across different locations; here, you can store meeting times and locations together with the tasks for checking in on them. By use of the Google Calendar application, scheduling becomes more organized. Most users like how easy signature verification

Top Features of the App

Google Calendar is a great app for anyone who needs help keeping track of everything that’s happening during the day. It has many more features than most other calendar apps. One feature is their calendar suggestion service which suggests nearby events to you on days when you have off from work.

This feature is helpful if you’re trying to book a family trip in the next couple weeks, for example. Another feature of Google calendar is the “focus mode.” This means that you can pin a timeframe of your life and then review what was accomplished within that time interval or block a location or two within a span of time as well.

The app also provides great organizers so it’s possible to plan out an entire week, month, or year should you desire- something unimaginable before the advent of smartphone ubiquity! ​

Google Calendar is one of the best application to use for all your important schedules, keeps you updated for events that are happening across the world, it has multiple applications in Android phone, download and install.

How to Convert iOS Calendars to Android Calendars

The other day my Facebook updated an interface highlighting things to do. As I scrolled through the reminders, I noticed that my work calendar was nowhere in sight whereas my iPhone calendar was filled with multiple events. A quick Android search showed that they had no such native app so I tried their Google Calendar app and it worked! Now everyday I can get my work schedule without having to enter it in straight into the Calendar app on my phone .. This article is not to endorse one app over the other. What Is a Calendaring App for Android? Apps like Days and Outlook allow you get the information you need on the go from your desktop, phone, tablet and even smartwatch. Whatever version of iOS or Android you want to use, these top 12 are always up to date with a reliable calendar and contact app..

How to Convert iOS Calendars to Android Calendars! I decided that I would download this calendar synchronization app


Google Calendar is a free online application that allows you to manage your schedule and share with others no matter where they are on the planet. Set time alerts, use reminders, and access calendars of every member of your team in one online place. Once you activate Calendly, your calendar will literally sync across all devices and work systems in just one click.

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