Google Assistant Screenshots

Currently, there were two ways to get a Google Assistant screenshot- by manually taking it or by investigating the Pixel 2 particularities. Manual taking takes time, experience and is not recommended. So in order to investigate, please follow these steps: open Google assistant and make sure your screen is on black background; then press and hold the power button on your Pixel 2 until the following message appears: “Please wait…” When it does, hold down the volume down button for about 4-5 seconds and then release it (both buttons at the same time). The screen flashes a few times and you should have a full-screen of white above a message saying “There’s nothing wrong with your Pixel 2. Please try again in 30 seconds.”

Now press and hold the ON/OFF button until you see that message again. DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING else. Now continue holding on the ON/OFF button when you see that message: “Ok Google?“ press WHEN YOU SEE ?? OK GOOGLE ?? and finally give it another approximately 5 seconds after the

Google Assistant: What is it?

Google Assistant is a digital assistant service from Google that lets you interact with your device using voice commands. You can find it on many devices, including phones, speakers, and smart home devices. It’s free to use and needs no setup. It’s also very easy to use! We recommend that you just ask it anything straightforward, like “what is the weather forecast” or “what is the next song I was playing on Spotify?” and make it do what you want! Take a look at the instructions below to get started using the Google Assistant.

Using Google voice Search or Google Home?

When it comes to voice assistants, Google is the clear leader. Although Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa both offer some features that are unique to their respective platforms, Google Voice Search and Google Home are both incredibly well-rounded voice assistants. So which one should you choose? Let’s go through the similarities and differences between Google Home and Apple’s Siri, along with their pros and weaknesses so you can decide which one is best for you.

If you’re an Android user who uses Google Maps often, you’ll be happy to know that Google has officially added its voice search feature to the application. If a voice search command isn’t available or can’t understood by your device, there are several other ways to get things done including opening specific pages, launching apps and initiating commands like pausing music playback. This app features support for devices running Android 4.1 or later, so it’ll work with newer phones that have Honeycomb or above installed, like the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for example. If you’d

Where does google assistant save screenshots

When you take a screenshot with Google Assistant, it will save the screenshot to your Photos app on your phone. This is great for capturing screenshots of websites or information that you need for an article or project. Google Photos automatically turns screenshots and text captured into searchable photos. But you may want to just reuse a specific screenshot right away and not wait for Google Photos to turn the full-screen capture into a searchable photo of the screen.

Here are your options:

Save an “Screenshot Only” photo — This is easiest immediately and is simple to use: Google Photos takes the whole page, writes the time stamp on it and saves it as a .png file in your Pictures folder where you can access it any time later. Go through the daily post screening, so that you don’t accidentally delete this valuable stuff. Use screen recording as way to quickly save screenshots — Otherwise put aside one screenshot every few minutes by taking a screenshot

What is the Best way to Export and Share my Snaps With Friends?

If you are looking to export your snaps with friends or share them with others, there are a number of different ways to go about it.

One method is to use Google Assistant’s screenshot feature. This can be accessed by saying “Hey Google, take a picture.” Once you have taken the screenshot, you can select it and share it using the usual options on your phone.

Another option is to take a screenshot using the Camera app on your phone. After taking the screenshot, open the image in an image editor and crop it if desired. You can then share the edited image using any of the usual means.


Google has been making strides to become the one-stop shop for everything. As such, their assistant features have also been evolving, and lately they’ve been emphasizing screenshots as a way of showcasing the various capabilities of their assistant. If you’re looking to learn more about what Google’s assistant can do, or just want to show someone how your assistant works, take a look at some of these helpful screenshots.

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