Google Assistant rolling out multi-account sign-in and access; available for Calendar, Meet

Assistant has primarily been tied to your main email account since it launched. However, most people use and have several accounts signed in on their phones. Google Assistant now better reflects that reality with multi-account information access.

We first detailed multi-account access in early september , and some users today are encountering a new menu in Google Assistant settings. It starts from “Accounts” where you can “Enable the Assistant to access data and services from your other accounts.

What follows is a list of what logins are currently on your device with the ability to “Enable.” Google explains how

Enabling this account will allow the Assistant to access data and services provided by this account (for example Calendar and Meet) while remaining signed into your main account

At the moment, paid Google Workspace/G Suite accounts are “unsupported” — the company presumably wants you to use the long running beta. However, today’s new capability would be most useful in the context of quickly accessing work events.

After setting up, Google lists what services from the added account are now available. Currently, it’s just Google Calendar and Meet, while you can enable/disable what Smart Displays and speakers are able to show personal results from these secondary logins.

Meanwhile, the Calendar settings menu lets you can specify what calendars Assistant has access to in each account, as well as the default one to use when creating events via voice commands.

At the moment, Assistant’s multi-account access appears to be available to those on the Google app beta.

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