Google Assistant can now check your Fitbit and Google Fit stats

At the start of this month, we spotted that the Nest Hub would get deeper Google Fit and Fitbit integration. You can now ask Google Assistant for your Fitbit and Google Fit stats.

Settings to connect Google Fit and Fitbit to Google Assistant started rolling out at the beginning of this week, and should now be more widely available. Open Assistant settings > Wellness > Activity to start the process. You can pair both, but only one service can be active at a time. Meanwhile, it’s easy to disconnect.

Once set up, you can ask Assistant on your phone (Android and iOS) and Nest Hub (works on all Google Smart Displays we tested) questions like:

Google Assistant Fitbit
  • How many steps did I take today/last week?
  • What’s my heart rate today? — Resting heart rate. In the case of Fitbit, you also get Exercise zones (Peak, Cardio, and Fat burn minutes).
  • How many calories did I burn?

Answers on both form factors appear as cards with an accompanying icon and “Data from” line. Assistant will note that data is “based on your last sync.”

As of today, none of this data is being shown proactively on Smart Displays but that could be coming with a future update. The 2nd-gen Nest Hub already has a Wellness tab that shows sleep-related cards, like stats and tips.

All this comes ahead of Fitbit becoming better integrated across Google devices. There’s of course the Pixel Watch this fall, and Sleep Sensing on the Nest Hub (2nd gen) working with Fitbit Premium.

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