Gmailify adds Gmail’s spam filtering, inbox organization, Google Now cards to third-party email accounts

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Starting with Android Lollipop, users could use the Gmail app to manage their Outlook or Yahoo email addresses instead of a rarely updated and generic email app. Now, those users will have the option to get access to more advanced Gmail features like spam protection and inbox organization with a new feature called Gmailify.

Starting today, those who use Yahoo Mail or Outlook from the Gmail Android app will have the option to Gmailify their inbox. A user’s existing email account will be linked to Gmail and in turn users will get such features as inbox organization through smart categories and other filters, spam protection, and even have Google Now cards appear based on their emails.

Other features include advanced search and better mail notifications on mobile. Additionally, users will be able to access their email from the Gmail website and interface. Any action a user takes in Gmail will be reflected in your third-party’s mailbox with duplicate labels and folders also being created there.

To set up, users will have to go into the Gmail app, sign in through their third-party email provider, and enable the Gmailify feature. It appears that users will need an Android device to first set this feature up. Users will be able to unlink their accounts if they change their mind. Google will add other email providers in the future. So far this feature is only available on Android, but it will likely also be rolled out to the iOS Gmail app.

Version 5.11 of Gmail with this new feature is rolling out via the Play Store now.

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