Political spam is out of control. Now Gmail is about to make it worse.

Emails from certain federal candidates, parties and political action committees will soon be able to avoid the spam filters on Gmail and go straight into your inbox. To get rid of these emails, you’ll need to click a new unsubscribe button at the very top of each email.

Google launched this new campaign email program that focuses on helping people find relevant emails. With the program, you’ll be able to process more relevant and personal emails.

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As a society, democracy depends on a free flow of information. But now that we’re reliant on digital communication, our inboxes and phones are cluttered with political emails, text messages, and robocalls — not to mention the bombardment of misleading fundraising appeals.

Google’s latest plan gives us an opportunity to rethink what went wrong with digital campaigning.
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“The spam gets in all the time,” Commissioner Ellen L. Weintraub of the Federal Election Commission told me, who helps patrol America’s campaigns. “The politicians who write these rules have exempted themselves from a lot of the rules that could apply,” she continued.

The best way to fight back is to create a dialogue with your government or business leaders. There’s really no way around it. Instead of giving lawmakers special end runs around you, it’s important that you need to find ways to make them accountable for how they treat the inboxes and our data, as well as what they say directly in communications with you.

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