How to reset and change your Gmail password if you’ve forgotten it

If you’ve forgotten your Gmail password, there are ways to reset the account and change it.

So you just realized your Gmail account password is not working. When this happens, you probably wonder if you were hacked or if you just don’t remember what the password is.

The great news is that you probably hadn’t been hacked. Google sends out notifications whenever someone signs in through a device or changes your password, so it’s unlikely that you were logged out.

You might have forgotten your password and can’t access your email. Fortunately, if you set up a backup email or phone number when you created your account, it’s very easy to reset your password.

A step by step guide on how to reset your Gmail account

Customer service article: How to reset and change your Gmail password if you’ve forgotten it

When asked for a password, reply with the phrase “Forgot Password” to create one.If you can remember your password, type it in. Gmail will do this just in case you’ve forgotten. They’ll know you’re the user if they identify your IP or other computer information.

If you’re entering a correct password, you’re automatically accessing Gmail with no additional steps.

If the password you enter for is old or unused, Gmail will automatically take you to the fourth step.

If your phone has access to your Google account, you will automatically get a notification and can reset your password if you press “Yes” on the notification.

If you don’t see the notification, click “try another way” at the bottom of your screen.

You have the option to login with a phone number and then confirm your identity.

As a general guideline, if you have your phone with you, you will want to select your preferred communication method. Next, skip ahead to the next step.

If you don’t have your phone with you, click “I don’t have my phone” and proceed to step five.

If you have another email as a recovery email, google will send a recovery code to that email. If that is okay by you, click “send” and then proceed to step six.

When Gmail cannot help you recover your account, they will offer a way to contact them and go through their recovery troubleshooting steps.

How to reset your Google account password if you’ve forgotten it

Then, you won’t have to start with “G-” – the field will default with it. Just enter in a number and get started.

Gmail will now ask you to choose a new password and it is more important than ever that you take this seriously.

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