Get more out of your Gmail, Maps, Calendar and Docs with Google Smarts

Get more out of your Gmail, Maps, Calendar and Docs with Google Smarts

Google controls our email, calendar, document storage, cloud storage, and more. Their products are free to use because they sell your attention by giving you access to their products for free.

I have found a few search engines that don’t track you. Tap or click here to find out more.

With these five ways, you can get more out of Google services that are free and easy to use.

How to use Gmail “smart” features to manage emails

One of Gmail’s best features is spam protection. It’s not a simple ‘junk folder’. This sounds even better.

You can create a new email address to go with your username, called an alias. The process is simple. Just add a plus sign and a word to the end of your username after your email address’s connected login in order to get “”

This easy and helpful technique for Gmail forwards emails to a certain account. For instance, if someone has a recurring subscription service, they can enter that alias into their email. With this trick, the user will only have to check one email account for all of their messages and newsletters.

Send an email and ask the company to give you more information about the email. If your email is a requirement for subscribing to their service, they are likely selling or leasing your email address.

To best use aliases, you need to place them into their own designated spot in your inbox. You can do so here by scrolling to number 2.

  1. Share your emails without giving away the password

You should never share your email password with anyone. However, you can share an inbox with someone in certain situations. You might consider this if you are both working on a project together or want to collaborate for other reasons.

You can share your email inbox with other people that need to be in contact with customers.

Learn how to add delegates in Gmail

To add another email account to Gmail, start by clicking the settings tab then hover over accounts and imports and choose “add another account.”

If you need to send an email containing a link to your delegate, navigate to the next step and select Next Step > Send Email.

After granting someone access, that person can sort through emails with filters, labels, and archiving. They can also send and read email messages.

Share your email address with a spouse so they can see where all the bills go.

Get rid of the hassle of checking multiple email accounts by forwarding them to your primary account. Tap on this link for instructions on how to do so.

  1. This Google shortcut saves so much time

There’s an easier way to create a Google Calendar invite. You copy and paste the following URL into your browser: “” Just make sure you are logged into Google beforehand.

5 Ways to get more out of Gmail

Typing in “” or “”

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To color code your folders in Google Drive, right click the folder you want to change and choose Change color.

I recommend learning and mastering keyboard shortcuts, which will save you hours of time. One example is tapping Ctrl + shift + V to paste text, a built-in function of most browsers.

  1. Find places to go with Google Maps

When logged into your Google account on a computer, open

To review your location history, click on the full side menu and then Your timeline.

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