Dropbox Now Fully Integrates With Gmail

If you’re a Gmail and Dropbox user, keeping all your files in one place is about to get a lot easier thanks to a new Dropbox add-on for Gmail.

In March, Dropbox announced a new partnership with Google Cloud in a bid to centralize content, secure collaboration, and make for more effective communication. In other words, allow Google services users to seamlessly store and share content using their Dropbox accounts. A key part of making that happen was Dropbox integration with Gmail, which happened today through the launch of a Dropbox add-on for Gmail.

Chrome users may already be enjoying the Dropbox for Gmail extension, but this new add-on works “cross browser, cross platform” meaning you can use your favorite browser and even take advantage of it in the Gmail app for Android and (eventually) iOS.

The advantages of this integration as Dropbox sees it is the removal of worry about file sizes and inbox space, which Google limits to 15GB before you start paying. Sharing files can be done simply by sharing a Dropbox link rather than adding an attachment or transferring the files on to your Google Drive.

This also works in reverse. If you receive an email with files attached, they can be saved to Dropbox rather than deciding where to store them locally or having to use up Drive space. There’s also no need to leave Gmail to access Dropbox anymore as most tasks can now be done from within the Gmail interface.

If you’d like to try it out, the Dropbox for Gmail add-on is available to download from the G Suite Marketplace. Of the three reviews posted so far, two have only awarded the add-on one out of five stars due to problems with authentication or no Dropbox functionality appearing in Firefox. There also seems to be a lack of instructions available to help guide you.

With that being the case, it may be worth waiting a few days to allow Dropbox to work out the kinks before installing.

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