2 Useful Gmail Account Features You Most Likely Haven’t Used Yet

In 2007, Gmail was competing with AOL, Yahoo, and Hotmail to become the most popular consumer email service. Even though it’s no surprise that consumers use Gmail given they have more than a billion users.

Gmail is a platform for business, productivity and communication that many people use on a daily basis. With all the features that Gmail has to offer it’s easy to lose focus on its values. Here are two new Gmail hacks from us that we know will help you stay optimized in your digital world.

This can be done by adding the word “plus” (“+”) to the end of your email address, and then substituting any other word or number to generate an unlimited number of unique email addresses.

If you want to keep receiving emails with your current address, there are now more options than ever. For example, if you currently use phoneworld@gmail.com, you can change it to phoneworld+authors@gmail.com or phoneworld+contactme@gmail.com or any other combination. Plus, your email address will remain the same, just with a different sender.

Gmail makes it easy to control your multiple email aliases. You can create as many custom email addresses from your Gmail profile without any difficulty.

When signing up for online services, you can use an alias to tell you which service is looking for you. If you uncheck the box to receive future emails in your primary inbox from them, then any new emails from that company will be sent to the alias address instead.

You can change your social media handle to whatever you want! For example, phoneworld@gmail.com can be changed to phoneworld+facebook@gmail.com, phoneworld+twitter@gmail.com, etc., so your account is uniquely yours and not attached to an email alias.

Using Multiple Gmail Accounts will ensure that you get the most out of your primary account, by having separate but connected work and personal email accounts.

Gmail is one of the best email programs out there, especially because it allows users to create more than one emails address. To use this trick, press a (.) on your keyboard and type in the period. Gmail does not recognize periods as characters by default, so it won’t translate that imaginary account you just created.

There are two main components to your email address. The first is the @ or sometimes the number sign, and the second is before it. Before it, you may include a space, punctuation marks and text for your personalization needs. Keep in mind that all periods around your email address are irrelevant; this allows for multiple ids to be created with no fuss.
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If you don’t want to give out your email address, simply enter an alias name. If you’re happy with the way the emails are coming in, you can use it, or create a filter if you want to delete certain ones.

Read here for a detailed article from Google: Dots don’t matter in Gmail addresses.

The bottom line is…

You might find yourself needing to create multiple Gmail addresses for different purposes as your business grows. Here are some useful tips and tricks that can make managing multiple email addresses easier. Share more tips in the comments below!

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