Gmail will soon support emails with responsive designs for better mobile viewing


Gmail is the email client of choice for many users, and for good reason. While Gmail offers a lot of features, there are still things that the service lacks. Today, Google is crossing one of those off the list with the announcement of support for emails with a responsive design.

What does this mean exactly? A responsive email is more or less like a responsive website. That means you can view it on any screen regardless of size and things are still going to look properly formatted. Over the past few years website have finally embraced these designs, but many of the emails we get on a daily basis have not. That makes text hard to read, buttons hard to push, and just provides an unpleasant experience since you constantly have to scroll back and forth if you’ve zoomed in.

With a responsive design, emails can be better suited for mobile devices without sacrificing a usable design on the desktop. Buttons will be easier to press, content will be easier to see, and it will be an overall better experience. To create emails like this, Google has support documents available which can be used to better utilize this new feature.

According to Google, these changes will be rolling out later this month.


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