Gmail Smart Compose rolling out to other Android devices after Pixel 3 exclusive

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Google’s Pixel 3 launched with a handful of new AI features, and one of those was the addition of Smart Compose within the Gmail app. Now, that exclusive Smart Compose is rolling out to all Android devices.

This morning, it seems that Google is rolling out a server-side change on the latest Gmail update. This enables Smart Compose on more Android devices outside of the Pixel 3.

We’ve verified that Smart Compose is working on Android devices including the Pixel 2 XL, Essential Phone, and Samsung Galaxy S9+. It also seems that this is rolling out beyond just the US, as Android Police is able to note on a OnePlus 6T.

Once the update first hits your device, you’ll know with a pop-up which appears the first time you go to compose a new message. Just like on the Pixel 3, Smart Compose on other Android devices works with a swipe on the text, not the keyboard, to complete the sentence. Of course, Smart Compose is still completely optional too. Simply head into the settings and disable Smart Compose per account.

gmail smart compose essential phone 1
gmail smart compose essential phone 2

Gmail for Android w/ Smart Compose on Essential Phone (left) and Galaxy S9+ (right)

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