Gmail now supports Irish language Gaeilge


Google announced on Thursday that Gmail now supports the Irish language Gaeilge. The historic language is not spoken as the first language of many people in Ireland, but a larger number of people speak Gaeilge as a second language. Gaeilge is also the national and first language of the Republic of Ireland.

“Irish, in case you didn’t know, is the national and first language of the Republic of Ireland,” writes Laura Brassil, Google Localization. “It’s taught to all schoolchildren, and it’s spoken daily in the Gaeltacht, so for many Irish people it sparks memories of a shared history—from summers on the Western coast to the story of Peig and the Blasket Islands.”

Google is committed to making Gmail and its other services available in as many languages as possible, most recently adding the languages of CherokeeWelshMongolian and Zulu to its mailing service earlier this year. Gmail is now available in 71 languages that covers about 95 percent of the Internet population.

Cúpla focal!

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