Gmail for Android, iOS now lets you quickly change your Google profile picture

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Google’s vision for the future of productivity involves making Gmail the one application you use for everything. In addition to email, messaging, video calls, and editing, the Gmail mobile apps now have a quick shortcut to change your Google profile picture.

Opening the account switcher in the top-right corner of Gmail shows a list of all your accounts. This interface is standard across modern first-party apps with quick shortcuts to “Manage your Google Account” and add new ones. 

Meanwhile, the avatar for the current account now features a small camera icon in the bottom-right. Tapping will immediately open on-device Google Account settings to the “Profile picture” page where you can “Change” or “Remove.”

Google first introduced the account switcher shortcut for profile pictures in Contacts this February, but it’s now expanding with a recent update to Gmail. It fits in the email client given the app’s central role and is live on both Android and iOS.

This shortcut will presumably make its way to other apps, but it makes most sense in productivity-focused ones. As of today, it’s not available in Chat, Meet, Drive, or Docs yet.

Gmail Google profile picture
Gmail Google profile picture

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