Gmail can now schedule emails natively, Smart Compose rolling out to more devices

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To mark Gmail turning 15 years old (Happy birthday Gmail!) Google is adding a few new abilities to the best email platform on the market. We are finally getting the option to schedule emails in Gmail natively alongside the rollout of Smart Compose to more devices.

In an official blog post, Google confirmed this neat new ability to schedule emails to send whenever you wish. We’ve wanted the feature for such a long time, with other clients and even some third-party plugins giving the ability to compose and send at a later time or date. Of course, we did already expect scheduling to come to Gmail but getting official word is always welcomed.

Considering all the other ways in which Gmail has improved and enhanced the way we all use email, this update seems long overdue. We’re sure that the ability to schedule messages — heck even message email reminders — will be huge for businesses that use GSuite globally.

How to schedule emails Gmail

Smart Compose too has been a popular addition to Gmail on desktop and until now was exclusive to Pixel devices. As of today, if you run Gmail on any other Android-powered smartphone than a Pixel, then you should be able to utilize the sentence finishing features.

I’ve personally found Smart Compose to be a massive time saver. The AI feature often pre-empts what I am about to type and saves me typing out generic responses to generic emails. What’s even better still is that it works in more than just English. Smart Compose is fully fluent in French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish — with more languages coming very soon.

While the addition of Smart Compose is a welcome one, the ability to schedule emails in Gmail will no doubt be great for ensuring emails are ready to be sent ahead of time. Fear not if you haven’t yet got the option, it appears that GSuite users will get the feature first, with the rest of us getting the option very soon.

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