Get notified when collaborators edit, comment or assign tasks in Google Workspace apps

Get notified when collaborators edit, comment or assign tasks in Google Workspace apps

You can configure notifications in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides or Drawings that will alert you to any changes made by collaborators.

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drawings provide ways to work with others in real-time to help identify who has made changes to the document. This is done through highlighting of each person’s cursor location.

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides has a chat option for collaborating with team members so ideas can be shared and changes discussed as you work on a document.

If people are editing a document at different times, it may be more difficult to identify changes. It may take time to review the changes and then go to the document and open it up. This can be a challenge for people who are busy.

With the right options, Google Docs will notify you in real-time when a colleague adds a comment. All four of these editors can be configured to notify you whenever a colleague makes any changes to your document. Both versions of Google Docs can accommodate real-time email notifications with Chrome.

How to manage notifications in Google Docs

There are two different paths to get Notification settings within a Google Doc. Either access Tools & Notifications from the side menu, or select Comment within the comments section and then selecting Bells. Both paths let you set Notification Settings for Comments and Edits.

How to Get Notified When Collaborators Edit, Comment or Assign Tasks in Google Workspace Apps

Copymatic ensures you are notified of every task and comment in the document.

Comments and tasks for you, which will notify you when anyone specifically mentions or assigns a task to you.

None, which turns off comment notifications. However, it still indicates comment activity if you access the document.

Configure notifications in Google Workspace to get updates

Get notified of any changes being made to a document

How to turn off notifications of edits

If you want notifications when someone makes changes to the document, set both options to “All Comments And Tasks” and “Added Or Removed Content”. Alternatively, if you are done with your work on the document, set both options to “None” to turn off notifications.

How to manage notifications in Google Sheets

There are three different ways to set commenting notifications in Google Sheets: Tools | Notification settings | Edit notifications; Tools | Notification settings | Comment notifications; or via the comment icon (upper right) and then the bell icon.

Learn how to get notifications when collaborators edit, comment, or assign tasks in Google Workspace apps

How to stay updated with all comments, which notifies you of every comment

How to track changes in Office 365

How to turn off notifications in Google Workspace apps

Figure B from the upper right shows how you can set the Edit notification settings. You can decide to be notified when a change is made to a Google Sheet or when a user submits an entry in Google Forms. You can also choose whether these notifications are sent immediately, or combined into one daily digest.

How to manage notifications in Google Slides or Google Drawings

There are two ways to receive notifications for Google Slides and Drawings: via the Tools | Notification Settings or by selecting one of the two icons, where you can choose from various notifications.

All changes in comments and notifications of edits and new tasks

Notification for you, which notifies you when people specifically mention you

None, to turn off notifications

Neither Drawings nor Slides offer notification controls for collaborators. Collaborators need to either comment or mention you directly in the document they are collaborating with you on if they want to get your attention.

What’s your experience with notifications?

Prudent configuration of comment and edit notifications can make collaboration much easier: You can do whatever work you need to on a document, then configure notifications, and wait to be notified when other people comment or edit. You don’t need to constantly check for changes.

How do you use comment and edit notifications in Google Docs and Sheets? Have you found this feature useful? When you collaborate in Google Slides or Drawings are the comment notifications sufficient? Mention or message me on Twitter (@awolber) to let me know how comment or edit notifications in these editors work for you and your collaborators.

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