Focus Time For Work: Using Your Calendar To Create Focus

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What is a Focus Time?

A focus time is a block of time designated specifically to the person in charge. This is often used in business that discourages multitasking and distractions. Instead, focus times show what needs to be accomplished before or after a certain hour at work. How does it work? The minute someone walks into their focus time, any app that is being used by the person becomes inoperative and will shut down automatically after 30 seconds. Alternately, many people bring up a door that locks and remains locked until the focus time has ended. Businesses even print directions to their offices saying “please hold the door” while they get ready.

The use of focus times came out of research surrounding self-control and brain activity by Northwestern

Benefits of Creating Your Focus Time

When individuals set aside time for focused work, it provides a sense of purpose that many people aren’t able to experience without what they are committed to. When specialists opt to create their focus times, tasks are completed with completion and joy rather than stress and regret. However, recipients need not have immediate goals on their minds in order to achieve mental peace; just sitting and reveling in the task at hand makes the process significantly more fulfilling. One can create focus times by hiring a virtual assistant who will clean the home or carry out various other household activities. Focusing upon quality over quantity helps get one back on track and allows them to work towards their goal in a meditative, balanced way. When to focus on tasks is just as important as in the midst of them. Got into a rut with focusing on daily spending? Need to hire a virtual assistant? Focusing on projects before they are finished prevent you from taking in your completed work or finishing too early or struggling to stay focused. Due to the grind of putting out one project after another, many people fail at some point and feel overwhelmed by their lack of progress. Focusing on individual goals should be done regularly rather than

How to market your blog without breaking focus

Blogging is all about creating quality content that your readers want to read in order to help you market yourself. Marketing often means the variety, so it’s hard to keep focused on writing your blog consistently. There are a few tips and tricks that can help you to get more done when marketing your blog without compromising focus.


Focus time for work is a concept that can improve productivity and focus in your busy life. A typical schedule might include several blocks of focused time broken up by distractions so that when you are working on one task — you are not also doing things like emailing, picking kids up from school or watching TV. If you struggle with work when tired, you might find this as helpful as a quick power nap. You can use your calendar to set aside these focused periods of time or create focus calendars for specific projects

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