Does Google Workspace meet my compliance requirements?

Google Workplace is a great solution for companies that need to work within compliance requirements. Learn more in this blog article! December 21, 2016 – Behind The Scenes Look At Workplace 7.5 and New Screenshots!

Here’s a look behind the scenes of our latest release of Workplace. All the new bells and whistles are covered here! Check it out.

What are the compliance requirements for Google Workspace?

Seeing that Google Workspace has a compliance policy, it is important information to research. The compliance requirements vary depending on the department and federal regulations. Some tips are listed below:

-None of my clients can be heard or monitored publicly

-The conversation remains confidential between me and my client

-My confidentiality agreement with my client must be in writing

-I must not post anything I have heard behind closed doors online or other opportunities for the public to misinterpret what was said-Sensitive government information for my clients cannot be made public Does Google Workspace comply with HIPAA? Who is covered by HIPAA? As a general rule, HIPAA regulated groups include hospitals, doctors offices and pharmacies. No only these types of organizations are covered under HIPAA but anyone who sends or receives complete health care records from a patient. Is it ethical to allow people to use your services when they have not even been diagnosed

How does Google Workspace compare to other Office providers?

With the growing cloud-based application market, buyers need to ensure that their Office purchase is compliant in all three aspects of IT regulation: legal, security and data. Whether a custoner wants Office 365 or Google Drivespace, many providers only provide services and software; they don’t offer a whole suite of compliance solutions. For more information, visit Google Drive.

Which apps do I use the most in Google Workspace?

If you’re using a compliant device, such as an Apple or Chromebook, Google Workspace may be sufficient as your internal/office internet browser. However, if you have a Microsoft authorized device (such as a VR headset or Xbox), then you must use your O365 Live ID to access Google’s websites. For example, if your VR headset has an account with a Microsoft Office 365 subscription that supports O365 and SSO authentication, then you can use your Microsoft ID to log in.Google offers functionality on the web that is similar to Google Enterprise Browser.This app finds all the apps on your work computer and allows you to control them remotely. It’s a great tool for administrators who need to monitor their organization’s productivity apps remotely. This is especially useful when you’re trying to manage common tools across multiple


Google is a website offered by Alphabet Inc., Google’s corporate parent headquartered in Mountain View, California. The website provides services for computing,

such as the publication of news articles and reports, online form completion and editing, online meetings, online research and search.

Language: Spanish

It is important to properly comply with regulations when launching a new service. In the case of Google’s debut into the work and collaboration market, it was important for them to ensure that their product addressed every regulatory requirement that they may need to follow. Some examples were including Spanish language support in the offices as well as targeting members of the Hispanic community with their marketing strategy.

Blog Title: ¿Qué tan veraz cumple el Código de Conducta del Blogger Association Española (BAE)?

Is your blog hosted with a different provider? Then it’s best to check that the policies are still meeting your compliance requirements.

       Blog Title: ¿Qué tan veraz cumple el Código de Conducta del Blogger Association Española (BAE)?

“Stand up straight, be free of slovenliness and let your ears uphold our motto of ‘Veracity – Truth – Power'”

It is important for a blogger meet their standards set forth by the association that they are a member of.

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Bloggers are Spanish language bloggers who are members of El Blogger Association Española, which is a non-profit association. Bloggers’ blogs and websites deal with literary and artistic themes only, which makes the site compliant with the Spanish provision on copyright law.

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