Can You Have More Than One Super Admin in Google Workspace?

Sometimes you might have more than one Super Admin on Google Workspace. For example, back in 2016 there was an update that allowed for certain team members to have more than one active Admin. “This means all Super Admins can share the work of managing the entire workspace with fewer conflicts when the team is divided into smaller groups,” according to The Next Web. The simplest way to identify which admins are Super Admins is the color of their badge on the top left-hand corner of the screen, which shows a quote from Microsoft: “You are all Star Admins.”

What is Super Admin?

Super Admin is an administrative rank that allows a user to administer managed workspace. The “Super Admin” label is no longer available, but you might find the term used in Manager of Business object properties It is set when you create managers of Business Objects.

What permissions can a Business Area Agent have?. The following sample permissions apply to the reports available through the Reports tree in Supervisor: Manage reports.

Administration role – Assign tasks and privileges pages Using roles, you assign different permissions to users depending on the level of access they require to administer tasks and run Privilege Bypass rules. Tasks that belong to more than one role have separate node settings for each

How to add and remove Super Admins in Google Workspace

Each Google Workspace can be managed by up to 5 Super Admins as long as you are the organization owner/manager. To remove and add super admins, follow this flow:

a) On your keyboard, press CTRL + ALT + D to bring up the Developer console.

b) Click on “Admin” from the left sidebar on the dialog that opens.

c) Click on each individual administrator user you want to remove, or click on “Edit List” to create a custom list of administrators. The admin will disappear when they no longer have access to the workspace browser. d) If you want to give yourself or anyone else access to the other Google Admin role, click on “Add User” and fill in their details. e) Each administrator can control access of up to 20 custom roles associated with the 6 users slots that are available. Once one of these is filled, the user will be noted as having this ability. They automatically have full scope access regardless of number of roles assigned.

How to create new Workspace for your team? Follow this flow:

What are the benefits of adding or removing a Super Admin?

Super Admins are leaders within Google Drive. They can edit anything, move widgets, and view different views of pages depending on what permissions they have. However, there is no limit to the number of Super Admins that you have or the level of access each user has in your workspaces. Users with a Enterprise level of access can manage any other user’s view, such as viewing chapters or organizing their screenshots. By default, you cannot delete simply a user who has been assigned the role of Super Admin. To remove a Super Admin, you would need to revoke their access and issue them an e-mail notifying them that they have lost specific permissions in your organization.

When is it okay to create a profile? A profile is most commonly used as an administrator’

The unfriendly error message when you remove a Super Admin

The error message when removing a Super Admin is “This action cannot be undone.” One option for resolving this error is by removing another admin. If no one else knows about anyone else’s revised feature policy, this will hopefully work the way it is supposed to. Staying inconsistent is wrong, and bad for all users of the site.

The method “All Super Admins” should move up to first. We don’t want to give a simple admin two special permissions with one click of a button behind their backs. This brings us back full circle to the question of how we select new admins in the first place. I find it


The answer is yes. Google has changed their policy and they now allow two super admins in each document library. Each super admin can get access to a different predefined set of permissions. Final words: Google says that “super admins” are below 2 on a scale of 1 to 10 for being super admins. The question I put: is it bad to be a super admin? As you can see, Google states only once in their Privacy and Terms policies in regards to permissions that “for most users setting up multiple tags may impact performance”.

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