Best Google Sheets Routines To Save Time Managing Your Emails, Contacts, And Tasks

The stage management of Copywriters is an important part of the professional services they offer. With google workspace sheets, a new email organizing App that can be downloaded from the play store, you can easily save time with your daily routine and tasks that need to be handled on-the-go without fail.

An Intro To Google Sheets

When it comes to being productive with your job, sometimes it can get a little bit difficult. Hordes of emails and meetings will constantly distract your attention. You need to do your best in order to stay focused on the task at hand! Here are some great routines that you can follow everyday. Plus, these steps typically only take about 20 minutes:

1) Set up a routine called “Daily Reminders.” Set reminders for yourself for throughout the day that you would like to be reminded of such as, lunch time or gym.

2) Create a new Sheet called “My Next Task” with the following selections:

Task (i.e personal meeting)

Start Time     End Time

Notes  Action Area

2) Set daily reminder alerts so they are notified every time they have a new task set up.

3) Clean out your list on “My Next Task” each night by clearing out all previous tasks and ending sessions under noting them as completed with an action area if needed. That way, you don’t have outdated tasks distracting you when attempting to work towards completing current ones.

Benefits of Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a good tool not just for managing email messages, but also for the tracking of who you’ve emailed and when. It has features that can automatically sort your inbox into different folders or create reports on your contact list for things like number of emails sent to, or conversations with each person. This software allows users to easily keep up as they manage their communication tasks from one central location.

How to Set Up your Google Workspace

The first thing you need to do is create your Google G Suite account so that you have a username and password. If you have been someone for awhile and have never created an account you can use the forgot your password link on the homepage. Next, go ahead and login using that username and password to make sure that you’ve created it correctly (some errors will be helpful in the future). Once you’ve logged in to your Google Workspace account, they will show up under “account home,” which is located on the right-hand side of your screen.

Basic Spreadsheet Actions

A spreadsheet is an often overlooked tool for business and leisure. While most people think of spreadsheets as numbers and formulas, they also have the ability to complete tasks such as deleting a user, sorting your inbox by sender, creating a mailing list, sending emails from a list, and more. Learn these basics strategies to streamline productivity and make your day go smoothly!


Automating your daily tasks is the key to combating email overload. In just a few short minutes, you can turn an entire email routine into a spreadsheet containing formulas, dropdowns, and other components that will save yourself lots of time.

Controlling Your Task List

Managing your task list is sometimes a daunting task. You may have over a thousand tasks and only seven hours to complete them all. Regular schedules can help simplify the process, allowing you to plan ahead so that you’ll never be too bogged down on deadlines by any particular type of work again.

The 40 Rule of WorkFlow Success

The 40-rule of workflows success is a time management hack that can avoid many difficulties by prioritizing the different movements and the activity within an entire process with the most important tasks being given highest priority. When people can’t do their jobs or they’re not experienced enough, they’ll be blocked and neglected until it’s too late, but with the 40 rule, a little bit of planning will go a long way.

Add Data From a Webpage

One disadvantage of Google Sheets is that it can only pull up data from a single webpage. If you need to pull out information from multiple sources, then you might have to do it on the web yourself. With this in mind, we’ve put together some keyboard shortcuts that might make your life a bit easier when adding data from webpages.

Crunching Data Beyond Excel: Sending the Results Back Out To Accounts And Rules

Sometimes it might be not just accessing your Excel spreadsheets but crunching the data within what is in these spreadsheets. Google Sheets has a great formula that enables you to do this. By doing this, you can see how effective your marketing emails are and send customized ads, etc.

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