‘AutoNotification’ adds fully customization actions to Gmail notifications on Android [Video]

Notifications on Android are pretty much the best you can find today, but they’re not perfect. Part of that is on the operating system, but a larger part lies on developers taking full advantage of what Android offers. In many cases, it’s third-party developers who come up with the best ideas, and recently one well-known developer has brought his skills to enhancing Google’s own Gmail app.

The Gmail app on Android is my go-to client for email because of its simplicity, but extra functionality is always welcome. This week, developer João Dias has made it possible to enhance the notifications on Gmail for Android using his app, AutoNotification. If you’re unfamiliar with Dias’ work, he’s the creator of the “Auto” series of apps that use Tasker to do a ton of crazy things.

His latest project, detailed in a blog post earlier this week, brings new buttons to Gmail notifications on Android. Using the app, you can add up to 14 different buttons to a Gmail notification with up to 5 being active at any one time. All of the various actions are detailed in the video below, but in short, you can do just about anything the Gmail app itself is capable of.

That includes sorting apps in different folders, starring incoming emails, and much more. If you get a lot of emails, this looks to be a very handy tool, and it doesn’t even require root access. All you’ll need to do it set up the app (detailed in the video). AutoNotification is available as a free download on Google Play.

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