As Google Backup Your Data, Is Privacy Disappearing?

The article discusses the possibility that as technology advances and data gets saved automatically, our privacy is fading away- that way, technologically varying machines have the ability to see our every move. What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree or disagree with what’s being said in the article? Let us know. true

Types of data breaches

Laws such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation encourage greater data protection and users are given more rights to their personal information and privacy. However, one study found that nearly 70% of people have experienced some form of privacy violation in the past year. Social media sites also have a history of sharing user data with third parties without approval from the user, which means your profile details are floating around out there somewhere. As much as you may want to edit your Facebook profile, the site is careful not to let you do so. When they can, they definitely ask first before browsing away. But if you don’t like what they ask then you really should go visit someone else’s page because somebody who doesn’t like what they’re seeing probably wouldn’t want it in their own profile!

The USA Patriot Act

Privacy is a right in the privacy of your own home. Recently, Google announced that they are merging their cloud services into one product, in order to make the service more user-friendly. This includes your search history and other personal information. One goal of this merger was to improve ease of use, but it has led to privacy concerns rising as well. With technology advancing so quickly, many people fear that they won’t be able to protect their information as most data is now kept on cloud servers rather than on individual devices which can be burned or destroyed . The concept of being able to destroy or lock down devices controls is now apparently not a reality.Cloud computing and social sharing has either become the norm, or is still passe. Now that Facebook and Skype have grown so big, it really doesn’t matter much about privacy any more as almost every device has some level of capability to speak on the internet at one time or another. It is becoming that you have to constantly look over your shoulder in case you don’t want any unsavory characters

What constitutes personal information?

Personal data refers to any information that someone can tie back and identify an individual, such as a name, home address, political affiliation, etc. With the rise of technology and the way it has changed our society, privacy is becoming less relevant as people are more willing to share personal data online. As a result of this, Google announced in July of 2018 that they have started safely saving user’s personal data. Gmail just became the latest tool for Google to collect personal information from their users after 600 million users agreed to share it on Google’s servers. Personal data is all around us and there is nothing we can do to stop it since it is monitored by so many different companies. Even though corporations have gotten permission from users to collect their personal information, they still may not use their information in the way you would want. This has been proven when Google launched a custom search engine that targeted users based on ad needs. The way this was reported shows just how easy it is for people to be tracked by these large conglomerates. With companies being

What can impact privacy

Privacy can be impacted by many factors. There is the privacy of your own information, the privacy of publicly available data and even the personal data including what you talk about online. In recent years, we have witnessed massive changes taking place with the rise of social media and personal technology that have spread this information to all corners of our lives. As our technology and personal lives become more intertwined, we are beginning to see the potential for privacy breaches. A Supreme Court ruling in May of 2018 will ultimately make legal history as it sets a precedent for individual privacy by putting limits on what information can be collected about you as a non-suspecting public user. The case stems from a Washington State law that requires officials to tell people if their drivers license is linked to a data collection used in internet searches. The 9th U.S. Circuit


Some people might feel that their privacy is decreasing because of the increased focus towards cyber-security in recent years. However, there are still effective ways to keep your personal data safe from hackers and use your should not be worried about losing your privacy. true

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