An Update To Google Calendar Will Prevent Invitations You Made For Yourself From Showing Up

Google Calendar has finally released an update to their app that will stop unwanted invitations from showing up on your calendar. There are many reasons why you may not want the invite to show up, including being invited to another event with a competing agenda or even being asked to attend an event you can’t attend. Despite the fact that you might not be attending, you still get the invitation visible on your calendar. While there is an option to turn this off in Google’s web based calendar, it hasn’t been carried over to the app. This has been fixed with a new update which will prevent unwanted invites from showing up on your calendar.

How to Stop Invites Showing Up on Your Calendar

You can stop these invitations from appearing in two ways: via email or within Google Calendar

What is the Current Google Calendar Issue

Last week, Google announced that it was updating its Calendar app, and this update had one glaring flaw. Any invitations you made for yourself would not show up in your calendar, which is ridiculous because many people use the app for scheduling their personal time. As soon as the update went live, people started complaining about this issue on a blog post on Google’s product forum. The company says it is working on fixing the issue and that users shouldn’t be worried about it. It released a statement saying, “We are aware of an issue with Calendar invites not updating correctly. We are actively working on a fix, and you should automatically see your correct invites once it’s resolved.”

Google has also acknowledged that it is doing something to fix the bug. But there are some reports that suggest Google was aware of this bug before the update. A Google forum user named “timothyc” writes, “Google has known about this bug for a while and are intending to fix it but hasn’t yet. If you want to know when it gets fixed, go to the page and select the gear in the upper right hand corner and click ‘Feedback’ and then enter this as the title of your feedback: ‘Calendar invites not updating after June 30th

Google Updates How To Stop Invitations From Sending Themselves

If you have ever sent yourself an invitation to a meeting in Google calendar, you may have noticed that when it shows up, it still says “You” as the organizer. This is a known bug but there is now an update on how to prevent this from happening. There are two steps to do this: go to one of your meetings or events, and then click “Edit.” Scroll down until you find the box with your name in it. The second step will be to enter your own email address and uncheck the box that says “Also send an email”. This will prevent more invitations from being sent to you.

Google Updates Google Keep For Android To Version 2.0: What Is New? Speaking of updates, here is one that Google just released for their note-taking app, Google Keep. It has been a while since we have seen one and now the app is out of beta and has received a major update to version 2.0, which features a new set of icons in it’s user interface as well as other user interface tweaks. Google Keep was introduced not too long ago as a competitor to Evernote and Microsoft’s OneNote applications. The web version of Google Keep is used by millions of people and has seen it’s share of updates since it’s debut.The Android app for Google Keep has been out for a little longer, but today saw its first major update since the beta launch back in October 2013. You can now view your notes without an internet connection and offline search is also available so you can find your notes quickly

Problems with the One Time Password function on accounts

If a user inputs their one time password incorrectly three times, they will need to use Google’s Advanced Protection to regain access. They will have to submit a form of identification, like a driver’s license, before they can send invitations.

The One Time Password was not working properly because users were inputting the wrong passcode when they created an Advanced Protection account. The problem has been fixed and anyone who set up an account should get their invitation now. The feature is available for all users who want extra security on their Gmail accounts, but it might be especially useful to journalists, activists and politicians who are the most likely targets of phishing attacks. For example, they can select the pre-approved contacts they would like to share their email with.Google did have trouble with its Advanced Protection service in October 2018 when a bug made it too easy to reset an account’s password. The company discovered the problem after several users reported having trouble getting access to their accounts through Advanced Protection, and it fixed the issue in around 24 hours.Google doesn’t have a timeline for when all users will be able to sign up for Advanced Protection, but there is one more thing that needs to be mentioned. The service is currently available to around 1 million users, which is less than 1% of Gmail accounts total.Source: Google via Android Police


The new update will help to prevent accidental invitations that you may have forgotten. You can also change the privacy settings in your calendar so that other people cannot see the invitations you made for yourself. true

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