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Photo sharing is a popular way for online publishers and blog authors to develop content for their readers. But using this media can be time-consuming, making it difficult for quicker production of blog posts or articles. Computers can now help you save your time and produce quality posts quickly through technology like AI-powered copywriting. McKinney has posted numerous poems in his YouTube videos, becoming more skilled at enhancing a setting using contrasting tones and times of day. He frequently uses nature for inspiration and typically posts a poem about the daily events. He will tell you in three words what day it is by then detailing what happens in the natural environment to accompany that date. His videos often have over 45,000 views, but he is expected to post anywhere from 20 to 50 a week, according to Gail McKinney


With smartphones becoming more and more advanced, they are able to hold many different files that the average computer cannot. The most notable feature is the ability to store attachments without having to save them in separate .PDFs or .TEXTS. Attaching files from your phone makes a lot of sense because now you do not need an external storage device. The problem for most users is that when you want to attach a file from your phone to a document in your computer, the Save As option only gives you these two options: Send as a Document and Save Linked. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough; there are no tools or settings that can easily help us view or edit the contents of these files on our computer at any time. This is understandable because we would not be able to load all of our files into the new Word

Why may you need to add attachments to your blog posts?

You may have heard that you should only write blog post text and use a picture to illustrate it. However, when it comes to blogging, attaching a photo or an image prevents posting your article without them. This can be very important in certain situations. You might need to attach an image if you are trying to sell something. Or maybe you took a beautiful photo of your epic vacation, but you want the blog post to share more than just one illustration of your story . Adding images is also important because it can provide the reader a better understanding of content or provide a visual representation of what they are reading.You will find that those important paragraphs you have typed out are wasted if there is not anyone to read them. Turning your attentions online and finding readers for your blog should be done wisely and realistically. If you do not have the means to post on multiple sites at a time, no biggy. Just take what you have and modify it with new posts after

When would you use images?

When would you attach things to an email? If you like the other person’s point of view, it’s a good idea to add a picture or graph and save yourself time. Sometimes, people don’t receive images in their emails as well as emails with attachments might get lost in spam folders. The best way to go about this is to make sure that your message has something that the other person needs and for them to provide you with their website or profile where they have files for each project. Any contol you could get over an email client or with the program will be excellent.

How can you pick the right image?

Adding attachments sometimes feels overwhelming, but the less research you have to do before picking the perfect photo or video, the better! To simplify this process, find one of our favorite sites to save your attachment with: Shutterstock. This site has a variety of search filters and categories so you can easily find what you are looking for in seconds. You can also filter by type so you know whether you’re looking for photos, videos, vectors – even 3D content!

How to attach an image is WordPress with 3 easy steps

Attaching an image to your blog is easier than you think. Upload it via the WordPress dashboard. Next, select “Edit Page” in the new post section. Next, click on the “media” button next to “insert media.” Finally, find your photo in your computer and drag-and-drop it into the window.


Social media is a great way to build your personal brand and share interesting tidbits, but it can often take a lot of time involved in showing how much you’ve accomplished that you might not have. Saving emails from people asking for important information can also save you the extra talk. Set up a good email system that allows you to send quick files with attachments as well as everything you could want for a faster response. That way, people won’t feel like they need to meet up and chat with you further, instead of understanding how smart your approach was in building your personal brand online

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