Add A Google Calendar Zoom Link, Adds Viewing to Events

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What Is a Zoom Date

Zoom is a term used to zoom in or out on any part of the calendar event. This allows the character their desired view on the event. A Zoom Date is different than a recurring one; once you create a Zoom Date for an event, it will remain assigned until you remove it from your calendar .


An Email Link is a button used to merge another Google Calendar into your own. It will allow you to add yourself as a new attendee for the event or be added as a new attendee if selected in your default event invitee list. Importing an existing event means that all the current attendees of that event will have their information imported.

Event Management Tools

5W Apps has created powerful tools that make managing MobileMe events and Calendars

Set a list of all the dates that you have events, but don’t have anything to do on them

If you have events in your Google Calendar without a note, then you need to find a way to change it up! If there is not much for you to do on the dates of the week, then you might want to add a “View” event so that people can see what is currently happening. Similarly, you may have a lot of weekend dates without events that you would like to add. This can be accomplished by adding a “View” event on Saturdays and Sundays that shows what is going on in your life. The “View” event will give people the ability to see for themselves what you are doing.

Figure B-4 shows half of the activities on September 6th and 7th of this year [Click image to view full size].

We also recommend that you now and then use Showcase Events in your calendar. These events allow you to create an event blind so there is no visual information available from your phone or computer. The only way you know it is on your calendar is through the sync process. Showcase Events can show on any day of the week, but should not usually pop up on future weekend dates.Figure B-5 shows “Showcase Events” overlapping half of Week 3 in our sample calendar above [Click image

Set your event to be zoomed on your given dates

You can set your event or date on a calendar page to be zoomed on the specified dates. You will then see the map with view buttons at the bottom. For example, you want to see the location of a live fire station during May, where you are currently not planning to go but want to know what is nearby. To use your current location as the base, enter your latitude and longitude for the lat/lon coordinate, source the map, set it to display on May 1st – 5th 2016 and zoom out. After zooming into the specified time span you will see a rectangle that represents the area of interest and can click on individual maps or hover over them for information. The event button will also display any events that are available when zoomed in (Note: You must activate custom events in their Google

Do More than Just Social Sharing with Zooming

There are a variety of ways to make your website more visually appealing and engaging. One such way is adding a Google Maps zoom link. Doing so allows people to zoom in on specific areas of your website without having to download an additional plug-in or alter your site code.


A Google Calendar Zoom Link is a feature that adds viewing to an event so others can see it. It provides an interactive map and pinpoints the current location of the event, making it easy to find a specific person. If someone doesn’t want their events on the map they have the option to turn this feature off and it won’t appear on anyone’s radar.

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