Add A Google Calendar Background To Your Desktop

Increasingly, people are turning to computers to schedule events and have the majority rely on their personal calendar platforms: Google, Outlook, etc. As these different calendar platforms become more compatible with each other in order for people to share data across calendars, it would be helpful to effortlessly integrate a pop up of your entire calendar. In this article you will learn how to turn your desktop into a literal digital assistant with an instant reminder of what’s going on at any given moment without even having to search for apps on your computer. As a bonus, this secret hack is optimized for your smartphone or tablet too!

Step 1: Install Pretty Please Calendar Pop Up Secret Web App A Pop up Calendar “Secret” Editor, also known as “Pretty Please”, is simply another creation from Google’s Wunderlist team, who basically created the perfect add-on for sharing lists between computers and mobile with specific tools to organize everything into an easy to read visual format. If you remember back in the day when Facebook “disappeared

How to Put a google calendar background into your Windows

Adding a Google calendar background to your desktop is simple, and can be done in just a few minutes. By following these steps, you can have a beautiful, custom desktop calendar that you can use to track your schedule without ever having to open Google calendars again.

Step One: Open the Google Calendar website on your computer.

Step Two: Click on the Menu button (three lines down from the top of the page), and select Settings.

Step Three: On the left-hand side of the window that pops up, click Default Calendar.

Scroll down until you see your current desktop background image. If it’s not already selected, select it.

Step Four: In the Background Image field (above the calendar’s time axes), type in a URL for the photo or graphic file that you want to use as your calendar background.

For example, if I wanted to use an image of my dog named Samothis sitting atop my desk, I would enter px-Samothis_by_Domenico_Gabbana%281%29.jpg in the URL field next to Background Image. Feel free to just highlight the picture you uploaded and not type the entire URL—depending on your browser, it may download that image automatically when you click on Background Image instead of displaying a small link underneath it. Step Five: Click Save Changes to save your newly selected background or select Cancel if you’re already finished viewing this pop-up window

Instructions on how to do the same on macOS, Linux and Web browser

If you want to add a Google Calendar background to your desktop, here are instructions for on macOS, Linux and most popular browsers!

On macOS:

1. In themacOS menu bar, click System Preferences.

2. Click Desktop and select the file you want to use as your calendar’s background.

3. Select the Picture tab at the top of the window and use the selection tools to choose a photo from your computer.

4. Click Use as Background and your calendar will use the selected image as its background.

5. If you wish to change the size or other characteristics of your calendar’s background, be sure to do so in System Preferences before clicking Use as Background again.

6. You may now close System Preferences if you wish by clicking on the Menu Bar icon and selecting Quit System Preferences.

7. Your new calendar background will now be in use!

On Linux:

1) Open a terminal window by pressing CTRL-ALT-T () and entering “terminal” at the prompt. (If you don’t have a terminal open, you can open one by searching for “terminal” in your operating system’ menu.) 2) Type the following command to use the provided icon: system-preferences-change-apple-calendar-button-background.png Where the part in bold is the path and name of each file from this cdn above


Adding a Google Calendar background to your Desktop can be a great way to keep track of your daily schedule and deadlines. By using a scenic background, you can easily visually organize your tasks and stay on top of your priorities. III. Installing Google Calendar Desktop On Your Computer for Free

Find out how to add a background to your desktop without downloading the Google Calendar app. It’s simple! But there are a few ways to get it done. You can choose and install the Adobe or Microsoft software that brings this backgrounds feature to your computer depending on your preference and computer’s operating system. See through what you need to do by looking through these two quick methods below:

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