ActivTrak Announces Integration with Google Workspace to Deliver Personal Work Insights in Google Calendar and Other Workspace Apps

With Google Workspace apps, you can easily monitor your work habits and wellness.

ActivTrak has created a tool that creates user-friendly work insights in Google Workspace. The way it works is by embedding personal work metrics into your Google Workspace app, giving you the time and information you need to redesign your work day, protect your focus time, and improve your well-being.

Many studies have shown that lack of productivity from constant interruptions from digital work tools can lead to declines in employee experience and well-being, resulting in higher employee attrition. According to an ActivTrak study, about 70 times a day employees are interrupted by communication tools, which only lasts for a few minutes.

Employees want and deserve better work. By embedding individual work activity metrics into Google apps such as Calendar, Docs, Slides and Sheets, the ActivTrak app makes it easier to track tasks and give employees insight into their work habits. It’s even more effective with Google Meetings: if you don’t have an ActivTrak subscription, your team can still access your google calendar from any machine or phone via the web by simply logging in with their gmail account.

At Insightly, we believe that the world can be changed. We are committed to delivering powerful and insightful insights from our data. Our challenge is finding a way to collect this information seamlessly and privately so that every employee has insight into how they can change their work day for the better. We were excited about the opportunity to partner with ActivTrak to help their team members be confident in becoming the most successful versions of themselves by implementing productivity-focused tools and techniques.

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