A Powerful Tool To Use On Your Apple Watch This Summer

A Powerful Tool To Use On Your Apple Watch This Summer

It’s that time of year where the evenings grow longer, temperatures fall and evenings become cozier. The question of what to wear for these summer nights is a tough one and you may find yourself just tossing up between new tank tops, which can feel ok but won’t last you long, or a wide-cut chiffon dress with a plunging neckline that feels slutty, not to mention that it probably won’t offer too much protection from the sun’s UV rays. Another common idea is to wear minimal pared-back outfits, consisting purely of 3 piece separates and a jacket, but here at Ask A Goth Girl we’d suggust that this can be a bit of an overload.

As the heat of summer beckons us outdoors, remember it’s especially important to take good care of your skin. Your skin is what allows you to breathe and absorb light (which is reflected from the sun), which brings us back to UV rays. So if you’re

Do I need Google Calendar on my Apple Watch?

If you have an Apple Watch, the chances are that you’ve probably given Google Calendar a go. You might even be adding events and tasks to your wrist, assuming that it would be quicker than pulling out your phone and looking at the actual mobile app to do so. Well it’s actually not quicker at all; the lag means you spend much more time launched on your phone, rather than engaged with what matters most – doing. So, why use Google Calendar on an Apple Watch? Well, you could use it without even thinking about it, say if you’re sharing a calendar with another person or a team. So good move, this is really handy. But what if you want to change a time on the watch app and then have the updated entries sync to your phone? You have to log in manually to do this. Unlike with your iPhone though -somewhere where , unlike at home – there

What are the advantages of using Google Calendar on an Apple Watch

In days before, it was hard to figure out the day in a busy schedule. It took a lot of time to find out what day it was and where you had to go for work. With Apple Watches with Google Calendar, you can quickly find out the date, however it is not meant for business purposes, but just personal events. Easy to switch between iPhone and Apple Watch. A single calendar app can be used on two devices, but there is nothing like the easiness of such system, which lets the user move freely between the two devices.

Useful when making trips abroad. You don’t want to bring with you your entire smartphone that contains all your important business files and emails, right? However if your smartphone is an iPhones, you certainly need a non-iPhone Apple device for traveling abroad as

Remote scheduling and time zone management

One of the most useful features on the Apple Watch is its ability to remotely schedule a variety of tasks. For instance, you can set an alarm for work and then view your calendar to see when you need to leave in order to make it on time.  You can also use the feature on your watch to ensure that you’re abiding by your designated time zone which helps in keeping up with foreign events. Alarm and notification management. What’s a great smartwatch without being able to deal with high levels of traffic? With the Apple Watch, you’re provided three different alarm triggers — all of which are available by way of the Digital Crown.  Most other smartwatches tend to leave you helpless when it comes time to deal with an over-abundant quantity of notifications that trigger semi-annual reminders. Thankfully, we find our wrist always equipped with an arsenal of on-device


When using the rowing machine for the first time, I felt like an old man again. Most people say it is difficult to row and difficult to watch TV at the same time, but when I started my first session, and I got going, it felt just as good as being outside and not worrying about what was going on in the world! Additionally, if you notice a friend’s Apple Watch battery beeping again and again reminding them that they need to charge it, a rowing machine workout would be perfect! Just recently I had severe hip pain due to an injury. My orthopedic surgeon said it was amazing that I even tripped and fell! Of course I wanted to try the rowing machine since it did not always hurt me and it was right next to my bed. I am so glad I did the rowing machine has made all the difference in my recovery of the fracture around my left hip. Besides, what a great way to stay somewhere you love without being exhausted from walking up

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