A Look At How Both Excel And Google Sheets Are Easy To Use

Google Sheets, the spreadsheet app from the search engine giant Google, is surprisingly easy to use. On top of this, Google’s commitment in AI has also helped boost its usability and now many employers are already using it to less human-powered tasks. This week, HSBC froze 1 million cloud-based applications that were not up to standard and their reportedly “27,000” opened but non-functioning documents – perhaps some of them could have been predicted by Google.

source Reddit, Global report/HSBC’S Corporate Security site – 01 Dec 2018.

Benefits of Google Sheets

Spreadsheets are used in many industries. They help with budgets and aids to manage day-to-day issues. They can be used by individuals or companies, in every industry type, including healthcare, education, and government. Google Sheets is reliable, easy to use and powerful at the same time. When used correctly, they can make your job easier with so many features to work with.

“I use Google Sheets daily to manage my rental property investments, track expenses and get email reminders of outgoing payments. I am doing a lot of home fixes right now – we are expanding our real estate investment portfolio too, so it is fun to make each transaction more efficient! Even more important than the power of

How to Use Google Sheets

Google Sheets offers a lot of autonomy when it comes to creating spreadsheets. The spreadsheet editor that comes with Google sheets is customizable, quick to access, and easy to use. The editor boasts 3000 pre-designed templates that can be used as a scaffold for future spreadsheet creation. Google Sheets provides different mobile apps which made it easier to access from anywhere in the world. Google Sheets, as one of its features, offers automated formulas or formulas generated by programs Excel and other spreadsheet applications for each entered cell. Most people know about these templates and their built-in live formulas and how they work very well by all means using spreadsheets. Let us now look at one such type of formulae that are most commonly used in spreadsheets, namely function specifications.

How to Get Help With Google Sheets

Google Sheets are a visual spreadsheet program that is available to use on both desktop and mobile. The program can be configured in various ways including the fonts, background colors, and visibility of formulas for easier viewing. Google Sheets also easily integrates data from other spreadsheets because it is compatible with Excel and all major browsers. The initial steps to get the most out of Google Sheets include turning on your computer, then opening a browser and typing “google.com” in the address bar to access Google’s website, which is where you can download their tools and templates. Once you have visited the site, click on Create a new Google Account or Sign in if you already have one. On these pages users also have an options option to just sign up for free when creating a new account, then downloading sheets for

Extensions for Google Sheets

Google Sheets and Excel are the main spreadsheet software options for personal, college, and professional use. They are both accessed through their respective web browsers that are paired with Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365 subscription service. Each tool has advantages over the other and should be chosen based on the company’s needs. There are numerous third-party extensions to both tools and most are free to use.

The best spreadsheet programs merge ease of use and great features. Spreadsheets can provide information such as budgets, records of customer traffic, contact details, expenses tracking and more, but their main purpose is reporting a summary of data. Alternative spreadsheet options are PivotTables which add summary creation on the spot or in real time or a List Layout which creates spreadsheets from lists in other applications. The most common


In spite of their many shortcomings, both Excel and Google Sheets are easy to use. Excel definitely requires a lot more work compared to Sheets. For example, spreadsheets make long looking repetitive tasks easier and mind-numbing for the user. In addition to this, plug ins for Excel help for when data analysis can get difficult which is a relief for non professional users. The greatest advantage of Google Sheets, however, is the ease and access to the entire data from anywhere. As working with Excel and Excel Sheets become more prevalent on a daily basis, there will no doubt soon be a day when Google Sheets will catch up in number of users.

Overall, it’s safe to argue that there are better alternatives to Microsoft Excel. However, only you know if you can live without your favorite spreadsheet.

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