A Beginner’s Guide to Google Drive

For starters, think Google Drive. Now picture being on a team or managing your project with just a few people at the beginning, and slowly scaling up to a larger company. That’s exactly how you’re going to use it when you start using Google Drive for collaborations! Google’s trying to remove the weight on their shoulders with the new version. Keep it simple and find ways to work together.

First One Stop Team Collaboration Platform

Now I ask you: are they perfect? No way! This is something we have well under control and will bring some long time users over to the new version as we continue improving stability and performance for this product too. Google Drive for Teams just couldn’t be here without your feedback!

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a cloud-based file storage and retrieval service created by Google and incorporated into the company’s wider product plans. It offers free storage to users, but may charge fees for certain levels of storage space through Google One. Users can upload 2 GB of files to Drive’s storage.

Learn more by visiting the Google Drive website or through its application for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Importing files from other locations to Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based file storage system that is useful for anyone who wants to access files from any device. If a student has a Google account and their studies, assignments, research papers, work Gmail account, etc., then it makes sense to store all of these files in the same place. Otherwise there will be many different folders and drives with scattered documents. There are free desktop apps that can help with transferring local folders into the Google Drive folder structure, like Rocket . Free File Explorer app for Windows 10; BetterZip.

However, more advanced users can use the application from CuteFTP to make transfers directly from their local hard drive into the Google Drive folder structure. Step 1: Install and configure CuteFTP on your PC. Download the installer and start it up. 5-Google Drive – How to Access Files via Browser? Here’s how you can access your files stored in Google Drive… Using ChromeBut it still takes a

Creating Google Documents and Spreadsheets

You can make a Google Document by just dragging and dropping “docs” from your desktop onto the word document in the top left corner. You can create a spreadsheet in spreadsheet view that does not affect other portions of your Google account. Calendar: You can easily create events so that our staff can view them through the calendar. There are different calendars available for free and premium clients, including Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, iCloud Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and Google-based Calendars such as Docs. Dropbox calendar integration would really be a nice addition here in my opinion. Paid plans support many other calendars.

Conversations/Talk: The Conversation or Talk applications allow you to discuss and message your team members on Free

Schedule appointments, brainstorming sessions and more!

These are just a few of the many productivity-boosting tricks you can use Google Drive for. Outlook allow scheduling appointments and brainstorm sessions, but with Google Drive you can organize your task lists and create them immediately.

Google Drive also incorporates collaboration in its schedule so that your team can easily stay on the same page while collaborating.

To make use of tasks from other users in a collaborative folder, access it from any computer or send yourself an email outlining the task’s features and content to take advantage of in a folder by yourself. As you write, don’t stop thinking of ways to improve each word. By writing in a collaborative folder that is set to “original” permissions, you’re able to save from typos as opposed to sending an entire email with misspelled words on it wondering where all the P’s went. Google Drive helps when it comes for brainstorming creative work with friends and family online. After all, what’s better than collaborating with other people? Using Google Drive, you can simultaneously edit documents without having to


In our current day and age, anyone can take advantage of the capabilities of Google Drive. I am convinced that this document platform is becoming more and more popular because it gives users everything they need to succeed in today’s workforce. From writing feature articles to keeping updated on visual material, Google Drive has all the features we need to do our best work while enjoying much time flexibility as well. If you haven’t used Google Docs and this article, I don’t think I need to mention, “why not?”. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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