8 Reasons To Love Google Apps Script

Google Apps Script (https://script.google.com/) is an open-source platform that allows you to write computer codes in a plain text-based programming language, which can automate tasks on your Google spreadsheet, workbooks, and sheets using the apps script tools of Google. This article will give you 8 very easy reasons Why You Need To Start Applying Apps Script Today!

How to Install Google Apps Script –

Google Apps Script is a programming language built specifically for working with Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms. It makes it easy to create powerful scripts that can automate tasks and work with your data exactly the way you want it.

To get started, you need to install the Google Apps Script add-on for your browser. Once you have installed this add-on, you can start using Google Apps Script by clicking on the “Open Script Editor” button (or by pressing “Ctrl + U”) in any Google Doc or Sheets document.

Once you have opened the script editor, you will see a set of lines of code at the bottom of the window. This code is called a “script”. You can write your own scripts or use pre-written scripts that are provided with Google Apps Script.

One great way to use Google Apps Script is to automate tasks. For example, you might want to create a script that automatically saves your work every night. Or you might want to create a script that sends an email alert when a document has been changed. The possibilities are endless!

8 Reasons to love google apps script

1. Automation

There is no doubt that Google Apps Script can save you time and energy when it comes to automation. From creating custom forms to automating common tasks, apps script can help you streamline your workflows.

2. Flexible and Powerful

Google Apps Script is versatile and powerful, meaning that you can use it to solve a wide range of problems. Whether you need to automate quotidian tasks or create complex applications,apps script has the potential to meet your needs.

3. Interoperability

Google Apps Script is compatible with a wide range of services and platforms, making it easy to integrate into your existing workflows. Additionally, apps script can be used in conjunction with other languages, making it even more versatile and convenient.

4. Extensive Libraries and More Development Tools Available

As the name suggests, Google Apps Script is built on the Google App Engine platform. This means that there are an extensive number of libraries at your disposal for building various types of applications. In addition to libraries, there are also a wealth of development tools available for apps script development.

5. Free and Open Source Software

Fun projects with apps script

Google Apps Script is a powerful platform for creating fun projects with the power of Google. With apps script, you can create dynamic and interactive applications that are easy to manage and customize.

One of the best things about apps script is that it’s simple to learn. You don’t need any coding experience to start using apps script. And because it’s built on Google’s advanced web engine, your applications will run quickly and smoothly on any device.

Plus, apps script has a wide range of features that let you do everything from automating your email workload to building sophisticated CRM systems. So there’s something for everyone in the Google Apps Script community!


From automating tasks and office functions to enhancing web accessibility, Google Apps Script can do it all. If you’re looking for an efficient way to get your work done, or if you just want to make life a bit easier for yourself and your teammates, Google Apps Script is worth exploring. In the next few sections, we’ll go over some of the reasons why using Apps Script can be such a beneficial decision for both business owners and everyday users like you. So don’t wait any longer — start using Google Apps Script today!

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