8 Google Calendar-Boosting Tips For Effective & Productive People

In today’s digital age, we spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen for long hours. With this comes the danger of health issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome and eye strain. Previously, we suffered plenty with these issues, but now thanks to our use of Google Calendar that has been created with all aspects in mind, life is good! Now before you dismiss this book and move on, we feel that it is worthwhile to look at everything you can learn here. There’s no need to go through all of our information in one sitting. Let it guide your reading as interactive noticeboards throughout the book will have a section open that’ll help you get started today.

This wiki is different from many others because there are over 150 interactive pages. In the final weeks of developing this book, we have been really pleased by the

Using a Day Planner

When it comes to creating a task list, people are usually overwhelmed with how long they have to do it. It’s just one of those things that seem far too complicated and taxing. But the saving grace isn’t really the task list creation process; instead, the saving grace is in having a good day planner that makes your life easier. And luckily, there are a few great tools designed specifically for having a successful productive day. Review them >>

On top of giving you a way to organize yourself, your day planner can help you achieve your personal and career objectives. A well-designed day planner is likely to boost productivity and reduce the amount of stress. Here are some great examples >>

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You’ll Learn How to Organize & Prioritize Your To-Do Lists Efficiency: Use Timeliner 3 or 7Profit: You’ll Increase your daily productivity, both Creativity and Outcome’sLearn More About Time Tracking at Wish FitIf you understand how to use your day planner effectively, you can start having a more productive week each Monday. Here are some great resources that go into detail about managing each step of the week.The 4-Hour Work Week (career advice) + The power of Focus: one case study of an individual who successfully used these methods to build their business in just

Filtering Withings Workspace

Google Calendar is a free online calendar that can be used to schedule events, tasks, and reminders. If you go into the settings of Google Calendar on your computer, you will be able to add multiple calendars such as Facebook and Outlook almost instantly. The most important tap is to find under ‘Calendar Filters,’ which are like categories for your events. You can add multiple categories for different places and specific events to Google Calendar. The following screenshot shows the ‘Categories’ screen.

For more information about setting up and syncing Google accounts in iPhone, see How to Set Up Your Google Account in an iOS Device . I have a few Notes and Reminders synced on my Desktop but I often don’t check them as frequently. I would rather check the weather, news headlines, new Migrations Alerts (if you are a pro

Utilizing Google Calendar Search

Google calendar is helpful and time saving. As soon as someone schedules a reminder in their Google calendar, it brings up a notification in the user’s phone. This is useful when you receive a flier the day of or when you need to coordinate social events with those out of nearby cities, states, countries etc.

Creating events with a spreadsheet

Spreadsheet events can be a tricky business. Depending on the program you use, it will either automatically create events based on certain time frames or have an event-creation function that gives users the ability to customize their own specific workshops, meetings, and seminars. These types of spreadsheets are great for consumer-facing companies that need to promote frequent programs and events.

Setting Up New Calendars as Appointments

You can type in the name of a different person to the entry and then copy their contact info or calendar description and use that information in different appointments.

Adding an Android Widget to watch notifications from work

You can easily add work related notifications to your Google calendar for when you are not at your desk, like when you get a call or email. To the left of the calendar on the GGoogle homepage, click and then select “add widget” on the menu. Search for “GGoogle calendar notification” and select that. You can now find this widget in your app drawer under “Widgets.”

Utilizing Exchange Calendar Sync for macOS and Windows PC Calendar Generation

The Google Calendar team uses Exchange Calendar Sync to control how the calendar operates on our user’s computers. The program is compatible with Windows and macOS, which makes scheduling more efficient and reliable because of the shared file sync and power tools that are available. The synced calendars can be viewed anywhere, regardless of where you are working.

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