6 Google Apps You Probably Aren’t Taking Full Advantage Of

These apps, also known as GSuite, offer Google account users much more productivity than email alone. For instance, a calendar is an integrated feature of Google’s other apps and Chrome desktop browser which enables users to schedule appointments with others. Gmail has a variety of features that make email more user-friendly. This includes features such as labels, filters, attachments, and priority inbox. And of course, Google Drive provides users with cloud storage. For students, it offers the feature to work with classmates and use multiple Google accounts. The programs are very similar to Microsoft Office 365 because they have many of the same features. They both give you access to a variety of cloud storage, video conferencing, file sharing and increasing productivity by saving notes onto your computer (either locally or online).

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are two widely used browsers with nearly identical capabilities as well as


One of the Google apps many people use is Gmail. It exists as an email client, contacts list, and a provider for various forms of communication like Google Hangouts and email attachments. It’s used worldwide and can be accessed on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. One of a features that is sure to excite many users are the undo send feature. The less thrilling feature would have to be when you attach a file to an email only to find out it’s too large to actually sent. Features: It’s the only mail app of its kind. What sets it apart from other apps is that it is designed to be entirely mobile. That makes sense since you’re likely not going to be accessing it on your PC like you would do with Outlook, Apple Mail, and other email clients. Gmail does a lot more than offering people emails and keeping tabs on their contacts list. There’s a calendar for people who have free time as well as integration with Google Drive for people looking to


Google Calendar can be used more than just a simple scheduling device. It can be used to keep tabs on important things that are due to happen in the future. You can create an agenda and it will even give you reminders, notifications, and suggestions based on your schedule. All of your important documents will be automatically uploaded to google drive and attached with your schedule. Attach school papers that are due there, plans pertaining to this weekends event, etc. You can add people you’re sharing your calendar with which shows major events, appointments and agendas in different colors or highlight them with stars so they stand out different from all the other appointments. If a family member has something coming up we can see instantly if it will conflict with something else, it can be adjusted for

Google Maps

“Google Maps is the most used app in my phone,” said one person surveying the results of our app poll. And the second would-be vote for Google Maps was “I map everything.” According to respondents, Google Maps is a boon for travelers, productivity fiends, and anyone who needs to get there from here. And to be honest, it might be the only mapping app you need on your phone right now. Google Maps offers free turn-by-turn voice navigation and free global transit directions (though data charges may apply). It also lets you download maps for offline use (handy for areas with spotty reception or when overseas). You can use regular Google Maps for directions within a specific city. And if you’re looking to explore somewhere new, check out the Local Guides program. These volunteer cartographers create


This Google app replaces FaceTime and Skype, seamlessly merging your conference calls together. You can share online content this way as well. All you have to do is sign in using your Google username and password when you log on to the app. Chrome Remote Desktop. Many will find this app useful if they use Chrome to connect to virtual machines at the office. It conveniently enables you to access the virtual desktop and your remote computer from any part of the world. Best of all, it allows for secure remote access.

Best Google April Fools’ Apps EverThere are quite a number of April Fool’s Day pranks associated with the Google app. As such, whether you’re looking to tell your boss he’s no fun anymore, freak out a friend with an alien-coddling utility or get drunk while not making a mistake at Google+, there’s something to hold you over in the Google Play Store today

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