5 Ways to Improve Google Spreadsheets and Make Them More Awesome

If you have a Google spreadsheet, it can be wound up to move and manage your money better than your bank ever could. Don’t believe me? If you’re asking that question, you’re in the right place because this article will now save you 20 minutes of time! The big banks and financial institutions that created and grew blockchains, virtual currencies, and cryptocurrencies to the top of their business made some epic mistakes in the process of moving toward their coveted industry crowns. For all perceived efforts at innovation, things really went off the rails with all-out greed, lust for market share dollars, getting snookered by major investors during a failed ICO craze, ignoring the blockchain tech revolution itself (yes you read that right), and other brilliant moves that

Introducing an awesome new feature:

In a blog post from Google yesterday, the company introduced a new and exciting feature that changes the way admins manage their spreadsheet. Explained as #collapsar, this more intuitive data management involves collapsing cells with text one definition at a time, then expanding them with new definitions. Think of it as needing to travel to 10 different cell entries but only encountering 6 along the way – this decreases the number of clicks administrators need to make and increases efficiency in general. Read More

Linking your data to other spreadsheets

Google Sheets has a lot of great features, but it can be made even better. We present 5 ways to improve Google Spreadsheets and make them more awesome!

1) Link your data to other spreadsheets

Link your spreadsheet to your favorite spreadsheet in a few clicks. This will allow you to view other spreadsheet’s data with ease instead of linking each individual sheet.

2) Use pre-made templates

Templates are easily accessible on the sheet and there is a pre-made template for just about every type of spreadsheet you’ll come across! You can change the layout or style with the click of the button.

3) Set up widgets on one sheet

Instead of scrolling through fifteen or twenty sheets on your spreadsheet, we recommend setting up widgets on one sheet that displays all your data at once. You can take money out in ten different categories and bank it separately on an account sheet as well. I also recommend setting up due dates for tasks that need to be set up at some point before anything gets written into your official dayplanner. Graphs are difficult for many people, so instead, I recommend taking notes on that section and have the information collated into something meaningful later.

4) Automate your data fetch

Sharing and tracking changes

Its easy to share documents and files in conjunction with Google Spreadsheets as the online software works for all kinds of devices, with no need for downloading or installing. That’s great when you can share with people who have laptops or tablets by logging in to a shared spreadsheet through their internet browser. Sharing is a wonderful aspect of Google Docs but it has some limitations that make it slightly unreliable. One such limitation is that once any changes are made to the document, they are updated on every person’s copy but public updates connect only those people who’ve granted access to your google doc. Luckily, there are plenty ways to improve your google docs and make them even more awesome.

Creating more tables out of existing ones

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Import/Export features

Each cell in your spreadsheet can be customized to store different information. The import/export features make this process easy, and makes sure that the display screen is always up to date.


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