5 Cool New Ways to Use Google Calendar

Don’t know what to do on your next vacation destination? Planning a surprise party? Want to know the latest on special offers, top events, and local hotspots? These 5 cool new ways to use Google Calendar will help you out – from staying alive to planning the day of your life! 1. FIND RECORDS FROM THE PAST


What is google calendar?

Google calendar is an online scheduling tool that allows users to keep track of their entire life. Previously, only professional organizers and planners were able to use such a tool, but now anyone can benefit. Google calendar is an up-to-date and practical way to organize everyday tasks because it uses the formats users love like email, social media, and previous calendars. What are the tips that are needed for managing a schedule in Excel?. In order to help you keep your calendar in excel, here are handy short-cuts that will make maintaining it a lot easier and faster. The following tips should be helpful when you are making a new calendar item or editing items already made: Being able to filter options is always important and having different options may show the need to edit them again. We have tested these on Google Chrome browser and they work just fine.

How to make a full year of your life in 8 months with google calendar

One of the coolest features on Google Calendar is the ability to make a year out of 8 months. By simply attaching all your events to the appropriate month and day, you can have your whole life in one quick glance. It also gives you plenty of time to plan ahead for major events like parties and vacations. When you look at your calendar for an entire year, it makes you realize how many events took place that seem so far away at the time. You know now, though, that next month is getting very busy into December and you can get ready!

Google calendar apps for exercise

With so many cool new things you can use the calendar for, it seems like everyone is converting their phone/computer calendars to this service in an attempt to maximize how much they can get done with each day. It’s all free, but as more people shift to this format in the coming weeks, we’d like to point out some apps that require your free GAGXU app

Make an endless spreadsheet from your events

If you’re tired of the regular old Google Calendar, there are some new features that may interest you. A new presentation mode allows people to see ideas as they follow them in a spreadsheet-like format. This can be helpful with adding an idea right after someone has already left it and there’s a chance it may come back into the future. Other features include getting recommendations for birthday dates based on how close to birthday someone is, and synchronizing your schedule or lists with your calendar. Finally, Google keeps track of your continuous activity over time so that you can see how busy you’ve been on days you tracked or when planned and actually attended an event.

Do the right thing with your business address. Google launched “Custom TLDs”, which are possible as any name aside from “.com” to use. Google thinks they’re a good way to ensure search results go flawlessly from different providers and help protect customers from scammers that use people’s real names on fake websites

New ways to use google calenda

Google recently released a new calendaring feature, called labels. Even though this functionality is still in its early stages, it promises to be an innovative way to organize your schedule. With the app’s search capabilities and soon-to-be unlimited entries for email addresses, you can easily add in specific calendar information and keep your personal calendars separate from work ones. “Related Articles” that appeared on a story will display prominently below the reader’s calendar entry so they can see what related information is available right there. To bring this filter to life, google has a powerful interface right in its search box. The ability to create a filter by circumstance allows you to focus on your home and work schedules or shows what events both you and relevant people might be interested in — even when someone else is typing the name of the event.

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