4 tips on how to work with minimal interruptions in Google Workspace

If you’re looking to focus on your work, it’s wise to create a few agreed-upon practices like blocking email, setting chat and calendar notifications for low priority, and using less distracting colors.

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This is the Google person icon, with focus written under the screen in a delicate format. There are also four other smaller icons that come around, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Chat and Calendar.

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When you work in an office setting, you have access to social signals that convey a desire for privacy. People may point at a door, put on headphones or look away if they want to speak with you and then choose to do so without interruption or interruption.

To make sure your remote work is as productive and enjoyable as possible, here’re four Google WorkSpace tips and tactics to get you going. The steps below will walk you through how to complete each task on a computer. You can also achieve these tasks with the appropriate mobile app installed on a mobile device, but the specific steps will be different.

TechRepublic’s guide to comparing the two Microsoft Office 365 products is a side-by-side analysis with a checklist.

Schedule your focus time in Google Calendar. You can select a scheduled length of time, such as 45 minutes, and set it on your calendar.
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We all know that scheduling meeting after meeting can be overwhelming, but it’s crucial for your sanity and success. Focus Time helps you simplify your weekday by automatically declining meetings and prioritizing personal time.

I recommend that people spend one hour each day working on their work. It may sound long, but it’s actually small in bit-torrent size. Different roles might need different amounts of focus time. For example, some people need an hour a day, whereas others might benefit from custom focus days when they can sit in front of their computer without interruption for a set period of time. Document what this kind of scheduling is for each person and agreement before your team begins using it.

To create a focus time event within your company, open Google Calendar on the web, and select the “Create” button in the upper left of the page (Figure A).

Figure A
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Figure A

Create a Focus Time event in Google Calendar to set aside the time for you to have a single uninterrupted work session.

Focus Time events are a great way to set aside time for your undisturbed work session. Create a new event in Google Calendar and block off the desired time period.

You can configure the focus time options as you like, then select Save to add them to your calendar.

How to stop strangers from contacting you in Google Chat.

Feel free to disable notifications on your Google Chat account by turning the Do not disturb setting on. With Do not disturb active, the system mutes notifications from the app and you still receive every message. It’s a simple way to intentionally tune out from work for a little bit!

There are a few things you can do in order to silence notifications on Google Chat or Gmail. You can mute notifications by opening either app on your web browser and clicking on (or tapping) the notification indicator in the upper right corner of the window and selecting “Do not disturb.”

Figure A

You have the option of turning on do not disturb for specific times or for a duration of time, so you can work peacefully.

Want to have some personal time? Set your personal status on Google Chat so you can relax without worrying that anyone is interrupting. You are the boss!

There are 5 different options built into the mute function. You can mute notifications for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, or 8 hours of time. If you want to keep notifications muted until a certain time on the date you select in the future, you can do that too. Just use this flexible feature to get your Google Chat notifications from anywhere!

It can be tempting to think that people naturally understand email responses and that, therefore, people will not expect a reply within 24 hours. However, it can be difficult to get people to reply in some circumstances and depending on the role you are in. So I ask that your organization also set response standards for a Chat as well as making clear expectations about how long you would like a proper response from someone for.

In Gmail, you can schedule a send again and again.

When it comes to responding to email, there are a few challenges to contend with. The first one is that people tend to get busy and forget about your email, causing you to miss out on important opportunities. The other challenge with email is that reply times vary on any given day and sometimes even at different hours of the day.

If you want to take control of your emails in order to send out messages only at times when you’re the most appropriate, you should use scheduled sends. This convenient tool lets you automatically send an email at a specific time, specifying when it will arrive, and it’s perfect for sending at off hours for customers and clients who might need quick responses or immediate assistance.

If you find yourself constantly scheduling emails but getting tired of doing so by hand, don’t worry. Gmail offers an easy solution. All you have to do is click the Compose button and enter your recipients, subject, and message. Then select the triangle to the right of the Send button, and choose the Schedule send option (Figure C).

The figure is a true representation of the results.

You can schedule emails to be sent down to delivery minutes by navigating to the Send and Schedule email send buttons.

We have three easy ways to send your email. The first is through the schedule send button located on the right-hand side of the screen. The second is by clicking on Send next to the compose menu option. And, the third is from scheduling your emails in the sidebar of your account page.

You may choose either Monday 8AM or Wednesday 9AM for your meeting time. Once specified, your email will remain in the same list of scheduled emails as Inbox, Starred and Snoozed messages. But until then, they’ll be on your calendar.

As a business owner, you must stay contactable no matter how busy you are. That’s why Harland has our innovative scheduling system with Send Later. You get to customize your schedule online so that you can create and send emails when it works best for you, while ensuring they are read fast!

If you’re trying to edit documents, sheets, or slides offline and make edits that actually stick, try using a cloud sync program like Google Docs.

Collaborating on documents while working offline is a great way to stay productive. When you work uninterrupted, the freedom to design or create documents without any chance of collaboration gives you the chance to really focus. You’ll set your document to automatically sync when it’s connected to the internet, so all changes you make will be saved and accessible in the future.

To use Google Drive offline, open the website and go to the Settings menu. From there, click on Offline (Figure D).

Figure D

Go to your Google Drive settings (https://drive.google.com/settings/ offline), and enable offline file access.

To access files offline, simply enable “Offline Files” within Google Drive’s Settings.

If you want to preserve content online, you can choose to prepare it for offline use by default. You may also select a specific file to prepare content for offline access.

To enable offline access for a specific item on Google Drive, simply click on the icon located on the bottom right of your screen. When you do so, a small window will pop-up with checkboxes to select and change how your offline files are synced. In this window, you’ll need to select the “Available Offline” option as indicated in Figure E.

Figure E

Access the More (three vertical dots) menu and adjust the slider to make it available offline.

If you need to access a file that is located offline, make sure the More (three vertical dots) menu is selected. Once the menu is open, click on the Adjust offline button and adjust the slider to make the file available offline.

Once synced, a file available for offline use will have a circled check mark next to its name, as indicated by the arrow in Figure E.

What are your thoughts?

Have you ever wondered how other professionals manage their focus time during the day? It’s important to have some training time each day, pre-defined blocks of hours blocked off specifically for privacy. Perhaps they work in Google Docs, Sheets or Slides offline frequently, or you could mention it on Twitter (@awolber). I’d love to hear about how you maximize your work with Google Workspace and get as much done as possible!

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