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You may be thinking that events organized by Google or other companies like them will never interest you. But there are plenty of reasons to attend one as long as your schedule allows it! As long as the event is not totally unrelated, they can enhance networking while offering new insights into how products and services might work. Make a note in your diary this week -especially if the registration price is free- so that you don’t miss out on the next meeting opportunity! Exploration / Open Space Projects

The Ummah Project is one such organization. It facilitates collaboration, movement and discussion. Activities include: Dreaming the Future, Camp Out!, I Wear the Thread, Reminder List, art, science and nature walks, drawing and writing classes!

Teams of Connective Force are animators on research for wild animal survival (WAS) projects; bridging human and animal needs to build resilience worldwide. Through collaboration between different

Google Groups Meetup

Google Groups is a large community for all of Google’s features and provides many free offers. These include free books, free apps, deals you might find at Google Play Store or just talking to other users. Support Groups Let you find support for your product or issue. It is always better to talk through things and it will take your mind off the problem itself. Support groups are usually hosted at Groups:

Tech Support Forums:

Help forums http://www.activehours.co/?source_topic=compare-one-hourly-rate-with-$

Google Communities Meetup

There are lots of Google Meetups happening around the globe, but who can keep track of all these events? Forbes created a trend for many people: a calendar that sets reminders for significant Google group events. If you would like to meet new people in your local area or learn more about social media through lessons and trainings, Kaplan recommends adding this calendar to your calendar so you never miss out on what’s happening around your area.

Forbes also created a Google Calendar for all Forbes social media training and online content programs focused on education and lifelong learning that links directly to this G+ Community as well. Both are simple ways to stay up-to-date with all the best Google resources, products and services. These offer amazing opportunities to learn more than ever before.

Be part of something great … Join Us #@GoogleKons

Google cloud and enterprise Meetup

Thousands of people join enterprise cloud and Google Meetup groups as a way for them to speak with experts in their industry. There are four meetups that Forbes recommends if you are interested in meeting like-minded individuals and one general public Google Meeting event this month. Connect with the Google team

Well-known companies and innovators have been flocking to join the Google Cloud Sphere (formerly Google Apps) and recently it was reported that they create more valuable patents per capita than anywhere else in the world. San Francisco continues to be a huge draw for emerging technology pioneers who are looking for access to world-class talent and venture capital investments, but only if you can find them. Inquire at tech events throughout the area like Sinan Yalc

Google Media SEO Meetup

According to Forbes, the Google Media SEO meetup is an amazing opportunity for any individual or company that wants to learn more about indexing, keywordizing, and able to capitalize on how important search rankings are in today’s digital world. Google has been spreading its love around the United States hosting four events in specific cities. The first event will be on September 15 at the Hilton Atlanta Airport hotel and the other three events will be held respectively in New York City, San Francisco, and Dallas. As part as it’s Future of Search Marketing, Google is also working on bringing Google Analytics to mobile. Chris Ryan straight out said that before this summer, users were used to data on their desktop browsers and it has now shifted to mobile. “Following the shift is important for us because web sites and web apps perform surprisingly well on mobile devices with just a tiny fraction of users accessing them there.” “Our new analytics platform will let you see what your site stats are doing in similar ways we


The main purpose of this article was to explore new and interesting ways to optimize your Google calendar. Below are four different events that you may find interesting. These aren’t just fun inclusions, but they also have an educational element as well. If you happen to be in the same city as one of these events, then definitely attend! And if you are not, then any of these will do.

At 9:00 p.m. Los Angeles and New York time, we shall be hosting our weekly email discussion for all things related to master-attestations. This discussion is called “Let’s Talk Master” – it goes very good and the live FB video gives you a head start! Just type “[LETSTALKMASTER]” prior to publishing the publication date in your Event Feed (not on an existing calendar

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