3 Great New Reasons To Utilize Google Calendar In Your Business

While Google Calendar might be a service that you don’t take advantage of as often, this blog post hopes to change your mind about how useful it really is. From organizing all of your meetings to sharing calendars with coworkers and friends, here are three reasons why you should start utilizing Google Calendar in your business more often. 1. Create a Color-Coded Calendar

Much like the way that you organize people and notes in your contacts on Gmail, Google Calendar allows you to color code each one of your events. This is great for tracking different types of meetings (such as interviews and sales) so that you can easily see when you need to be working on what type of task/project. It’s also great for organizing events with multiple people, or even just for appointments with friends and family that tend

Know Your Customers

One of the many great features of Google Calendar is that it helps you keep track of your customers, but only if you know who they are. You can import their contact information from Gmail or other email services and create a “customer” profile for them in Google Calendar. This will allow you to send reminders about appointments or upcoming events without having to worry about forgetting something. Print your calendar. You can’t take a laptop to a meeting, but you can print your calendar and bring it with you. Google Calendar comes with several great print options, such as printing all of your events for the week, or just the events that you have marked “busy” on. For those of us who like to be organized and have everything printed out in front of them during meetings, this is a great option that can help keep everything moving along smoothly.


Use Calendar Tools to Plan Quotes, Events and Customer Meetings

Once you’re all set up and have a Google account, use the calendar to plan out your customer meetings, events and quotes. You can also add important images, videos, links and files to any event or quote that you create in the calendar. This will help to keep your customers informed and increase their interest in what you have to offer. 3. Add a Google Form to your Website. For simple and easy website feedback, add a Google form to your site. You can use this to collect customer questions, address their concerns or get them involved in the brainstorming process if they’re interested in taking part in the creation of your next product or service.

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