25 Ways to use Google Sheets that you might have not thought of!

This blog post provides a list of 25 ways to use Google Sheets in the business world, some fun ones that might provide you with an unorthodox way to present solutions or simply make your work more convenient. If your wondering what you can do with these tools, this article has several ideas for products and business processes that you could implement into your marketing strategy. If you have any other ideas feel free to leave a comment below.

Google Drive is more than just a productivity tool, it’s a full suite of tools that can be used to save time and streamline your marketing planning. Whether they are methods to share projects with someone else (using email, Google docs or DrawBoard) or simply sneak in some marketing into the office before the day ends. 8 ways you are already saving time and money with Google Drive.

Introduction to Google Sheets

Google Sheets is unlike many other spreadsheet software. It’s very straight forward and easy to use.

It has two tools at the top right of the sheet that are super helpful! The first one is a tab where you can make changes without saving your sheet like one column getting wider or altering your formatting. The next tool handles settings and exporting, which instantly help anyone who needs to utilize sheets in various ways. Audio recorder Google note Taking a screenshot and exporting it:

An easy way to put spreadsheet files into the system is the import function. This can be done by clicking on the button and uploading your Excel or Google Sheets file to an open slot in your File Manager. From there, you can then insert that tab into a new list. Here are some other good ways of using this feature:

-You can go through the numbers in a list and either print it out or make it a pivot table by copying the data in your spreadsheet (FileMgr > Edit > “Paste Special”).

-If you keep getting popups from different apps such as Movile Blackberry Messenger, Skype, etc., you can block them all together by selecting item “Lists > Properties > Labels” and setting them to “Blocked” at once (signing out/in of your phone).-Paste a list of Tech Support numbers into NotePad++ and also insert it into FileMgr ;)Hope this helps!

Results and information retrieval

Using Google Sheets can be intimidating at first but the end result is that your data is now accessible from any device. The power of using this program really lies in the e f?ciency of the Google Lean-tools and Sheets calculations. the output product is marked as unprocessed or processed, so if you need to modify the logic between these two conditions you’d have to decide which one does what based on your use case. There are many better ways for that by using ReduxState , about Navigation in React. Redux State Chunking Plugin What we want to do here is split up our state into smaller pieces and keep them in local

Manipulating the results with formulas and advanced functionality

Google sheets can be used in a variety of ways. However, this post provides some creative options that you may have not thought of! Using formulas and advanced functionality, she is able to do things like increase case sensitivity, or even use it as a data collection tool. 20 Sep 2016 Feedly Notifier A Google Add-on that alerts you when there is new content in your favorite RSS reader, from all the networks you subscribe to. Personally I like the Notifier because it shows me a list of headlines on new articles as well as email subscriptions for each account. But if you don’t use one of these services, or prefer using a single service, chances are this won’t be much useful.

Using Data Tables (Google Docs)

Sometimes people get tired of using spreadsheets, even though they can be incredibly useful! If you’re thinking about migrating to another productivity tool, don’t forget that Google Sheets offer a lot of great features that you might not have known about. Here are just a few ways to use tables in your spreadsheet!

Using Data Tables in Google Sheets

What better way to save yourself some time than using data tables in Google Sheets? Data tables are an easy way to make meaningful reports for your business, whether for the family spreadsheet or a white paper. The trick with data tables is that you should have one data table per sheet and not have any other types of cells on the same sheet. This will easily format text if you need it and prevent unintelligible paragraphs of text.

Special validation features like, range checks, averaging functions or data substantiation

Google Sheets has a lot of different features that can be used to make your work more efficient. The most commonly used feature would have to be formulas. Formulas can be built with Google Sheets help which makes simplifying calculations and enter values easy. For an idea of the types of data Google Sheets will accept see the formula sheet. Range checks allow you to compare columns either on or within cells. For example, if you are checking averages by age group, you could put > 50% before the cell that has an average to check if it lands in the top half of a column before checking the last one. Averaging functions provide flexibility in how you can use data sets and improve viewership by narrowing down options for users. Data substantiation is perfect for situations where more than one column contains similar data and is helpful when counting, copying and pasting text from reports or other sources into these Excel sheets and getting stats out of what had been empty cells

Making spreadsheets public with just a few clicks of the mouse

In Google Sheets, it’s easy to share a spreadsheet with just a few clicks. Simply click on the “Share” button and choose “Share publicly.” All users will have to do is copy the URL that appears on the sheet and paste in their own web browser. Some other spreadsheet creation methods that you might not know exist are using Dynamic Add-ons, adding Chart to Presentations, running macros when connecting to spreadsheets from Gmail, creating data tables for posts with Visualize.js, overlays for content in Google Maps and Streetview images.


The Google Sheets spreadsheet is a powerful tool and at times can feel like it has its own mind. It’s helpful in completing work, organizing or keeping track of tasks, and solving puzzles. However, many people don’t do anything with it after they are finished making changes to the sheet and it sits collecting dust. Instead you can use the sheet in ways that you might not have though about on your own. Here are 25 ways for everyone to make their Google Sheet better in their daily routine!

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