25 Google Calendar Tips To Help You Master Your Schedule

Google Calendar is one of the most useful tools for managing how you spend your time. Nowadays, people are very busy and looking at a calendar to see what they’ve planned can help you see where you’re going wrong. You might be surprised by the things you’ll learn by looking at your Google Calendar.

How To Manage Your Day With Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the most popular app for scheduling your day. This blog article gives you helpful tips on how to respond to certain events, such as one time settings, recurring activities, and movement occurrences. The blog also lists variations of start times and offers up some ideas on how you can schedule your week instead.

Top 6 Google Calendar Apps

An important part of your daily life is staying organized and on task. And each person’s day is different, so knowing how to use Google Calendar helps individual people out a lot. Here are six great apps that you should use to help with your schedule: 1. Google Keep: Anytime you find yourself scribbling notes down…on paper…life is making its way down on that page. And sometimes the key to clearing your thoughts can be a few random lines of jumble on some scrap paper, notepad or the back of a receipt. If you need help organizing those scattered thoughts in other apps, but they’re either just too complex (or…boring) then check out Google Keep. Keep allows you to attach photos, videos

Seven Methods to Boost Your Schedule

There are some tricks that you can use to make your day a lot more streamlined. Every few minutes, save the time on the first pending event of the week and whenever possible on weekends.

Take screenshots once somebody asks for progress updates on any big project. You will know exactly how many hours or days have passed or how much work you’ve done.

Take short 45-minute breaks every two hours to walk around for 15 minutes and rotate tasks at an hourly rate of 30 minutes each. If you line them up in front of a Gantt chart, it’s easy to see how long they’re going to take total.

Use sticky charts in meetings with objectives that every party is trying to achieve within a certain period of time and stick them on the wall when they’re done so that everybody has access to what’s been accomplished.

Recognize that priorities change throughout the day and occasionally put off tasks you complete towards the end of your workday if those tasks don’t offer anything new but still need to be tended to just because somebody on your team is working through their focus list

Tips For Dealing With Setbacks and Unforseen Alerts

We all have bad days and good days, sometimes even sudden last-minute changes. The key is making sure you keep to your schedule and stick to your calendar. First of all, never do anything important on a day you haven’t planned for. Being free in the morning allows you to work through any unforeseen issues with an extra hour or two of peace of mind. If something comes up during the day that interrupts your routine, immediately make a note in Google Calendar so future dates are not blocked out by a conflicting event. Plan any upcoming meetings at least a few weeks before they’ll happen. Allow yourself one last run-through of your presentation before you prepare for a big meeting. If you’re going to be working on that big presentation amendment tomorrow, hit the gym tonight. If an earlier agenda item was fully planned ahead of time, and you know how much time you’ll need to nail your presentation, force yourself to leave work as soon as possible after working late (so long as all breaks were preplanned). Keep a large notebook or journal on your person at all times where all of

Solo Mode And Importing Events From Existing Data Sources

One of the most important features that a scheduling app has to offer is an easy-to-use event scheduler that helps users find time for personal activities and obligations. One such feature is Solo Mode, which blocks all phone and social notifications so that you stay focused on your organization’s calendar.

One way to optimize your calendar with this app is to use “Import Group Members” and then import anything you need from a spreadsheet or Google Sheets like events, tasks, notes, to-dos, people who need contacts information or email addresses. All the items in that spreadsheet will automatically be imported into your Google Calendar. 9. Pokemon GO Plus

Niantic is known for its cutting-edge hit apps, and this one is no exception. This game that uses augmented reality to capture all your favorite Pokemon has tried several times, with mixed results. It seems like the perfect fit on the wrist thanks to new technology, although it will not capture any phone notifications when there’s not any game action happening. It could be interesting if other starters could be translated into the game as well, but so far


To conclude, learning Google Calendar at the beginning can help you in the long run, as it is a lot easier to learn than going all out complicated new software at once. I tried to explain to the best of my ability everything related to the building and managing your own Google Calendar. If you use this, please don’t hesitate to comment. I would love to know if this has worked out for you, let me know also what you think about these page.

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