12 Useful Google Sheets Scripts For Mobile Users

Regardless of the product or service, a lot of writing continues to happen digitally – whether it’s in emails, newsletters, and blog posts. With that said, Google Sheets can be a great tool for creating spreadsheet-based documents in a short amount of time. In this blog article with 11 more common Google Sheets scripts are discussed from an user’s perspective as well as some useful tips on how to use them. Most recently, I’ve been focusing on scripting my workflows though Sheets and other parts of Google Drive; it’s a great way to automate simple calculations and create a repeatable flow through my projects.

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The 12 Useful Google Sheets Scripts

With Google Sheets, you can quickly and easily manipulate data to create powerful charts and graphs. Many of the scripts included in this roundup are designed to make your life as a mobile user a bit easier.

1. Add data to a table: This script will add new rows or columns to a table based on input values provided in a range or table.

2. Export data to a CSV file: This script will export data from a table to a CSV file that can be imported into other programs.

3. Create a new chart: This script will create a new chart from data in a table.

4. Download data as CSV: This script will download data from Google sheets to an external file using the CSV format.

5. Create pivot tables: This script will create pivot tables from data in different tables. The pivot tables can then be used to analyze the data in more detail.

6. Get estimates for values in ranges: This script will get estimates for values in ranges based on specific criteria provided.

7. Make simple calculations: This script will perform simple mathematical calculations on data in a table.

8. Remove duplicate rows from a table: This script will remove duplicate rows from a table

What Are Google Sheets Scripts?

Google Sheets Scripts are helpful tools that allow you to automate tasks on Google Sheets.

Google Sheets Scripts are helpful tools that allow you to automate tasks on Google Sheets. They allow you to run small scripts automatically every time you open a sheet or make a change to a sheet. This can save you a lot of time and hassle.

There are many different types of scripts that you can use on Google Sheets. Some examples include scripts that crunch data, speed up calculations, and more. There is a script for almost anything that you might need help with on Google Sheets.

If you are new to scripting in Google Sheets, there are plenty of resources available online. If you need help getting started, just reach out to us at support@workfrontguru.com We would be happy to help out!

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Google Sheets is an amazing tool for data-driven decision making, but sometimes we need a little help getting the most out of it. In this article, I’ve compiled 10 useful Google Sheets scripts that will make your life as a mobile user a lot easier. Whether you need to automatically add new rows to your spreadsheet based on a trigger condition or want to quickly generate reports and graphs, these scripts will have you set up in no time. So put away those keyboard shortcuts and start using Google Sheets like a pro!

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