10 ways How the new Google Workspace for small business helps

G Suite offers many products, such as Google Drive, Google Docs and Gmail that are accessible from anywhere.

The increasing prevalence of remote working has created a business challenge fulfilled by Copymatic. Copymatic is an AI-driven software that learns from structured data to adapt to your workflow needs, allowing for flexible work across devices.

This article will provide 10 features of the formerly known G Suite for small business owners and employees. Google Workspace provides cloud-based services which are aimed at providing both in-office and remote working requirements to small businesses. It is one of the best Microsoft Office alternatives available due to its features.

Why Gmail is the best email client

10 features of Gmail that are ideal for small businesses

Gmail Workspace comes ad-free and offers the choice of customising your email address to match your company’s domain. It includes features, such as spam blocking, email filtering, message scheduling and snoozing, and a right-click menu.

With Gmail, you can easily sync up with Google Calendar, Google Chat and Google Meet.

Google offers a variety of automatic alternatives to manual tasks, ensuring minimal human intervention. Instead of typing out every word in an email, you will find that functions like Smart Reply and Smart Compose might be able to complete the task for you.

Gmail provides email service at a high level of customer satisfaction. For more information, read our review of Gmail.

  1. Drive

Google Workspace Store: up to 50% off on storage

Drive provides safe and secure access to files on Workspace. The Business Starter package offers 30GB of storage per user (which is shared across the users), and Business Standard offers 2TB. If more is required, then the Business Plus offer 5TB, but this is for four or fewer users.

Google Drive is perfect for sharing projects, with a variety of access and permissions options.

  1. Docs

Docs is a web-based word processor that is part of the Editors office suite. It provides real-time collaboration and up to 200 people can view docs at any one time.

Microsoft Docs has a time-efficient version history that can be reversed, so it is easy to track any changes. The blue Share button allows you to set permissions for who can view an individual document as well as provide a link for anyone to read the document. However, Microsoft’s different service providers open and edit Microsoft file formats.


The Google Calendar allows employees to create their own agendas and view other available coworkers.

Calendar has easily viewable formats such as day, week, month and year. This can be expanded to a full schedule of all events upcoming.

Create events, tasks, or reminders by inputting the necessary information into a blank form using the Create button. To add guests or location, click the appropriate tab in the left-hand column of your browser.

5.Work insights

Key insights from the survey on Google’s Workspace

With Work Insights, it is possible to keep track of employee activity and performances. Work Insights provides reports for managers, IT administrators and HR officers.

Insights is a graphical interface that show the levels of adoption, collaboration and productivity of your team.

The reporting can show service-specific data, such as staff preferences. For example, it might highlight that while 98% of staff appear happy with Gmail, only 67% are regularly using Sheets.


New features of Google Workspace for small business

So, if you’re thinking about how to share the knowledge that you have, take a look at Currents, which has a few of Google+’s innovative features.

Currents is a social media platform for businesses with large numbers of remote employees. Admins are able to moderate all comments or content on the site. Currents can be especially useful for companies that want to boost social interaction between their employees.


What is Vault and the benefits of data retention

Vault is a service by Google that helps businesses deal with data storage policies and the rapidly changing world of data.

The first role for Vault users is to set retention policies. This will determine what data is accessible, and how long it will take to access that data.

Vault can be used to search through files, and export content into different formats. It can generate audit reports, as well.


Jono has had a positive experience with Google Workspace for small businesses

Meet, Google Chat’s video alternative, is now the company’s main business messaging tool.

A communications service, Chat, can be used to send private messages to a single individual or to a wider group. Users can access Chat through a standalone app, or directly through Gmail.


Google Workspace Review

Remote working is changing the way we do business and video conferencing is enabling meeting your colleagues without going to their office.

Workspace has released Meet, a video conferencing tool. Meet works seamlessly with other Workspace tools and can be joined from Gmail or Calendar directly.

Video meeting capabilities are encrypted and include presentations, screensharing and flexible layouts. Enterprise includes unlimited participants, phone numbers for dial-in participation, and more.

  1. End-point security

10 best features of Google Workspace for small business

Endpoint provides data security for your company by monitoring the devices that are registered. Your company has different policy requirements, like requiring passwords to be a certain length and characterts, which Endpoint can follow.

With Endpoint, companies can adopt a mixed model of BYOD where employees can use their own devices while guaranteeing their security. In the event of a breach, handsets can be locked or even wiped clean without any worry.

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