10 Surprising Benefits of Google Calendar that Can Make Your Life More Productive

The list of benefits for Google Calendar is as long as your arm! In case you have been too busy to know, here are some of the surprising benefits that might make your life more productive – at least if it helped you keep track of what you have going on and got some of that stress off your shoulders.

The Benefits of Using Google Calendar

The calendar option on Google allows you to keep track of almost anything. It can keep track of your schedule, appointments, social plans, and personal events. It also lets you access information from your contacts when needed. With so many benefits like these at your disposal, it’s no wonder people are more than happy embrace the easiest scheduling system in the world!

Dealing with Unproductive Days

It can be easy for a person to fit daily tasks in their calendar, but often valuable time goes by without being accounted for. Fortunately, finding productive days that would make up lost time is easy with Google Calendar. This can be found in the “categories” and “starred” tabs in one’s calendar. These are like weekly or monthly calendars where one can account for the days of the week or month. You might find that only a few of these showcase periods were actually unproductive and during these times, you’ll be glad to open Google Calendar and reclaim your chunking time!

How to Organize Your Day Based on Location

Google calendars are built in with public calendars that are easily searchable. Although you might not want to use the Google calendar app, you can archive your events and save them in other locations like Toodledo, which is great for organizations in your community. You can also schedule meetings around important appointments and events. Because Google Calendar allows you to compare dates with instances and past calendars, you’ll be able to stay on top of your schedule no matter where you go.

Easy Time Tracking with Google Calendar

You might be wondering how Google Calendar helped make your life more productive, with 10 benefits that range from getting more sleep to saving memory on your phone. This could help you budget it better and avoid being late. You’ll also get a reminder of your upcoming tasks to stay focused and meet deadlines if needed.

Create a Weekly To Do List

It’s really easy to create a weekly to do list with Google Calendar. It will be posted on the left hand side of your screen and you can edit it anytime you want if you have time during the week. Granted, there is always first business meeting, redecoration project, that planner party or some other event that starts out with “oh my”, so maybe this isn’t practical for everyone. You are better off putting the activities on your calendar five days before the actual start date to even allow for running errands or pick ups.

Create Personalized Goals and Milestones

Some of the benefits that Google Calendar can have on your life are: being able to set personal goals; tracking your progress towards goals; setting small milestones and rewards as you reach them; taking advantage of printable goals and rewards; and finding online content that incorporates calendar events to help you progress within a project or goal.

Add Different Views to Your Calendar in order to stay organized

Google Calendar is a great tool for organizing responsibilities and events, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. Adding different views to the calendar can make it easier to keep track of your day. For example, one view could be everything due at work while another view could show all the important family appointments or events that are happening in your area.

Export Your Google Calendar as a PDF

Google Calendar makes organizing your life easier. It includes features like setting reminders and sharing calendars with friends. It also allows you to export your calendar as a PDF. This creates an accessible record of your schedules that you can share with anyone else in the world who doesn’t use Google Calendar.


Since establishing the new interface for Google Calendar, people have largely converted to using it. That interface is known for its simplicity and fluid design. Now there are many surprising benefits that come with using this popular web application that can be quite helpful. Some of these benefits include syncing calendars with computers, iPhones, or other devices as well as changing time zones without any hassle.


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