When comparing Azure and Google Cloud, Microsoft is a better fit for startups.

The cloud offers an easy way to develop web apps or other apps that require users to provide their own technology. With the proper platform, you don’t have to worry about the technology and can focus on developing your business instead. Check out this guide to find the right cloud solution for your needs.

Moving data around in the cloud is a growing trend. It might involve switching from one cloud computing platform to another, completing an on-premises data migration process, or continuously ingesting new data each time users visit a social site. Cloud migration can be done as a one-time or continuous process.

If you’re unsure which IaaS service to use when starting a new business, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud have the most options for you.

Google Cloud is a cloud-based platform for businesses, developers and enterprises.

Google has a wide variety of migration and modernization options available, including automated services, fully-managed databases, and options for Oracle workloads and Microsoft SQL Server deployments. Additionally, they have partnerships with Microsoft that include tools for modernizing Windows and Microsoft workloads.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and set of integrated online services that Microsoft offers for building and managing cloud-based applications.

Microsoft Azure cloud services provide you with the ability to create on-premises, multi-cloud or hybrid environments. The tech giant bills this as a chance to “build on your own terms,” with a wide variety of services and features. They also emphasize security, compliance coverage, and total control over your data. Microsoft claims they offer the only cloud platform to run on hyperscale relational databases and a speedy NoSQL database with open plans at any scale.

Head-to-head comparison: Google Cloud vs. Microsoft Azure

SSH-based machine access

The two services offer plenty of benefits and differences. Most notably, Google Cloud offers SSH-based machine access for Linux projects, whereas Azure’s support can be used for Microsoft-based systems.
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Range and availability

It’s important to know the geographical availability of a company before you make a purchase. At Azure, we offer multiple regions across the world in which our service is available. In the case of edge deployment, Google offers Direct Peering while Azure does not. This service allows a business network to plug directly into their edge network and offers 99% uptime.

AI and ML

Both also offer artificial intelligence and machine learning services. Both have a wide range of speech-to-text, DevOps and other applications for AI/ML.

We have an excellent security solution plan that ensures your content is secure and the site’s performance is optimized.

Microsoft has proven compliance with privacy regulations from 50 specific regions. Google can meet compliance standards across the globe as well, meeting many different ISO standards, and the GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.

They offer bug bounties for both independent security researchers and their own top-ranked security teams, drawing from both the independent researcher community and their own top-tier cyber teams.

There is a lot to consider when choosing between Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Google Cloud offers good database migration options with its database migration service. SQL Server, Oracle and other databases are available in preview, depending on the service tier. The migrations can be serverless and replicate data continuously; existing Cloud SQL servers or your own Aneldb cluster are perfect for this purpose.

VMs hosted on Google Cloud Platform allow organizations to remove their hands from managing infrastructure, instead relying on Google’s support, performance and disaster recovery capabilities. Because they are based on the Google API version that comes with metadata-driven schemas and autoscaling that scales automatically by functioning as clusters, each project can involve up to 2,000 connection profiles and 1,000 migration jobs.

Microsoft Azure Migrate has streamlined capabilities that make it easy to migrate databases, applications, mainframes or virtual machines. This is further separated into a variety of PaaS services such as Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Spring Apps, Azure Cosmos DB and others. You can find SAP-optimized functionality in the platform to seamlessly combine your SAP data with non-SAP data.

When it comes to sustainability, Microsoft emphasizes attention to carbon intelligence. This includes efforts toward renewable energy and forest preservation, as well as providing affordable services and management of hybrid, multicloud, and edge environments.

Azure Migrate is a great way to move servers and data from one host to another. Use it for your trial, migration, or on a pay-as-you-go subscription. Either way, you don’t have to worry about paying for the service until you’re done.

In order to make the best decision for your organization, consider comparing costs and features of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud. For more on this topic, read our comparison section about data migration.

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