What was updated with Google Search Console?

Google is going to be providing CWV scores on a granular level as well, instead of just at the URL group level.

Google Search Console Data Update: More Data In Core Web Vitals Reports

Google is releasing the redesigned Core Web Vitals report in Google Search Console to help websmasters identify URLs containing algorithmic penalties so they can remove these issues from their site.

With the data in this report, you’ll know where to focus your efforts if your CWV scores are low.

The new Core Web Vitals report in Search Console is updated to account for changes and how to read the report.

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The update that has everyone buzzing about Google Search Console

How Google has changed the Core Web Vitals Report

The Core Web Vitals report provides aggregate scores for groups of URLs. With today’s update, you are able to view the scores for each URL individually.

Google will continue to evaluate Core Web Vitals for URL groups with their new update.

If you click on a URL group in the Search Console report, there will be additional data on the right side of the panel.

Some more data that can be seen in CORE Web Vitals reports is now available to make the management of your site easier

Google two weeks ago released an update to its Search Console tool that includes Info Vis charts for Mobile result and Top Keywords, showing Key Metrics, Ad words data and a summary of Manual Actions.

This example displays someone who is looking at a list of URLs that need improvement on their CLS (Cloud Security) scores from the reports. If they click on a URL group in the report, then they can see which individual URLS require attention.

In addition, the report shows which URLs in the group are considered “good”. So you can likely skip those pages when going through and fixing CLS issues.

Copymatic reviews websites for SEO and web design issues faster than when you look at each individual website one-by-one, so you can spend more time working on tasks that need human attention.

The basic rule is that a score will usually apply to most URLs within the same group.

Other URLs in the group can have either better or worse performance than 75% of the time.

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