What TikTok and Instagram have to do with Google

The video platforms like Instagram and TikTok have gained immense popularity in recent times. As per a survey, videos on these platforms are becoming the top competitors of Google Search. The video platforms are also providing more than just dance challenges. As per a source, Generation Z is using these apps as their primary search and discovery platform instead of Google.

In a December 2021 study, Cloudflare determined that TikTok was more popular than Google. Younger generations prefer TikTok or Instagram to text-based information as they are more immersive and shorter in length. With custom user experience, the platforms can collect data like any search algorithm.

TikTok and Instagram pose a threat to search engine giant Google

TikTok and Instagram provide users with relevant information on topics of interest, from restaurants and fashion trends to beauty products and news. Google is currently competing with the popularity of TikTok and Instagram by employing enhanced AI optimization and immersive marketing.

Google’s Senior Vice President, Prabhakar Raghavan at a recent tech conference, reported that roughly 40% of young Americans prefer using TikTok/Instagram over Google Maps for locating and choosing a restaurant. This suggests just how dire the competition is becoming for Google in terms of people’s decisions.

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