What Is Google’s Leak About The Next Pixel Phone?

There had been a lot of rumors swirling about a new compact flagship phone by Google. The rumors claim that Google hasn’t offered a pocket-friendly flagship smartphone for a while now, so, the company might be working on a new one. The 2020’s Pixel 5 is the last device in this regard. A Chinese leakster has made a rather incredible claim that Google is working on a Flagship Pixel Phone with a small screen size.

A New Flagship Pixel Phone Might Be On Its Way

A Weibo tipster has recently claimed that Google is working on a “small-screen flagship” with the code-name Neila. Even though, the leaker’s machine-translated post also suggested that the upcoming Google Pixel Phone will have a similar design as recent Pixels.

There had been no official words regarding any such device yet. However, if we make our assumptions then the theoretical Pixel Mini will need to make several compromises in order to deliver a smaller size than the existing Pixel 6. One of the most obvious cutbacks will be the battery capacity, so you should expect a smaller battery than the Pixel 6’s 4,500mAh capacity. Other potential cutbacks include wireless charging and cameras. The small size will definitely compromise the size and number of sensors that’s what I think.

According to recent reports, Apple abandoned the 5.4-inch iPhone Mini line following poor sales, suggesting that consumers aren’t interested in dipping way below the 6-inch screen. So, we hope Google isn’t going too small with this compact phone if it indeed is working on such a device. All we can do is wait and watch. Let’s see what comes next. We’ve already seen a few Pixel leaks in recent months, but none of those leaks point to a small flagship phone.

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