What is Google Forms and how do I use it?

Creating a form can be difficult in the Google ecosystem. Fortunately, that’s why we created this guide to show you how easy it is with these helpful tips!

When you need to gather information from customers, where do you turn? Is it a waste of time to email and then cobble together the data into a spreadsheet or document based on the various responses?

Although that might have worked for you in the past, it’s not exactly the most efficient use of your time. When the number of individuals you need to gather information from is larger, using that method will slow you down.

What should you do?

Forms are used.

As a business, gathering data via form is a great way for you to keep track of all your customers who have taken the time to offer their opinions or provide valuable feedback. The information is collected and kept in one place, so it’s easy to analyze and act on.

It can be difficult to find the time and know-how for building a great form. Thanks to Google, creating one is easy. You’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing this all along.

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How to create a form in Google Workspace to simplify the collection of customer data

I’ll walk you through the process.

Specific Needs

When creating a Google Form, you’ll need a Google Workspace account to access its full potential. The form can be used whether or not you have a paid account, so there’s no need to upgrade if using the free option. That’s it- let’s make a form!

To use Google Workspace, log in and sign up.

The first step is to log in to your Google Workspace account.

Step 1: Go to the Forms Tool
Step 2. Fill out all the required information.
Step 3: Save and submit

Click the app or go to forms.google.com to get started with Google Forms.

Click ‘New Form’ to start making new entries.

Let’s get started on your form. There are two ways to build it – either select a predesigned form from the template gallery or start from scratch.

Did you know that Jotform provides many templates to help you start? For example, the Work Request template will help with your form-building. Simply locate the template in the gallery and then click it to open it in the editor.

No team member from the core development team reviews custom forms.

With our template, you’ll only have to fill in fields that already exist. If you need additional questions, click the “+” button and add short answers, paragraphs, multiple choice, check boxes, drop-downs, file uploads, linear scale, multiple choice grid, date or time.

When you’re making a form, the basics are to provide the necessary information and then customize it by adding your own details. You can move items up and down, add images or videos, and add new sections as well. Remember to customize the header of your form with your personal info!

There are 5 steps to follow.

Once you’re done customizing the form, click send at the top right corner. A new pop-up will appear, where you can choose how to send the form and share it with other people.

If you choose to share your form via email, you’ll need to add the necessary recipients. Once shared, the recipients will be able to fill out the form and the results will automatically be collected in the responses tab for that form.

Creating a Google form is easy. There’s no software or programming to install, and it does not require any works from your end. It’s just one of the most convenient ways of software that can collect data from users. And with the free version, there’s nothing holding you back either.

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